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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jeff's Bird Pictures

When my son, Jeff,  visited us on the 15th,  my backyard birds put on a show for him.  He was able to get some great pictures with his camera and long lens.  Above is a picture of a BABY Male NORTHERN CARDINAL.   We have two young ones who frequent the deck  looking for some food.  Isn't this little guy adorable?  (One way to identify the young cardinals is by the color of their beaks.   Theirs is black, whereas adult cardinals have reddish/orange beaks.)

The PILEATED WOODPECKERS come to the suet feeders about twice a day.  I'm glad one came while Jeff was there.  He first captured the woodpecker on a nearby tree.

Here's a closeup of Mrs. PILEATED WOODPECKER.  (Note that there is no red whiskers --which the males have.)

The yellow GOLDFINCHES are so gorgeous this time of year.  Jeff got some great pictures,  didn't he?

Our little DOWNY WOODPECKERS are with us year-round.  They are such cute little woodpeckers--and definitely love suet.

Two larger birds which come to my deck these days are the Brown Thrashers and the BLUE JAYS.   Above is a picture of one of our noisy blue jays.  They are pretty birds --but certainly make alot of noise!!!!   (Those pink blossoms on the deck are the remains of some of the Rhododendron blooms.)

Finally,  here is one of Jeff's pictures taken when we were at Cumberland Mountain State Park the afternoon of the 15th.  He got a neat picture of a male NORTHERN CARDINAL  at the feeder there,  but look above his head....  Don't you just love this picture????

Hope you enjoyed Jeff's photos... (Thanks again, Honey, for visiting us.  We loved every minute of your visit.)

Have a wonderful day,  and thanks SO much to all of you who visited my blog post yesterday and said so many wonderful things to me.  That one was hard for me to write--but one which I needed to do.  If I can help one other person,  then it will be worth it.  So far,  I have had 56 comments PLUS 52 page views.  That means that 108 people read that blog post yesterday... Oh My Gosh!!!! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.  I truly love all of you!