Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JULY!!!! Our Lilies are blooming now... So gorgeous!!! Here is one of my many favorites! Meet DIZZY.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

 Dear Friends,  Welcome to February!!!    January was a very very cold, snowy, rainy, foggy month this year here in Tennessee.   I love snow --but told George that we have had enough... Now I'm ready for Spring!!!!! (I WISH!!! ha ha)

Here are a few pictures of our 8 1/2 inch snow that stayed around and kept us inside for over a week. All of the pictures are  in and around our yard.  All were on January 15 --with the last two being taken on Jan 16 and 17.

The sun finally came out on Jan. 17 ---but it was bitter cold!!! 

Friends that live north of us are used to a lot of SNOW.  Here in Tennessee,  we aren't... As pretty as it was (makes the earth seem so clean and peaceful) ---we were truly stuck at home for over a week.  Our community tries to scrape the snow off of some of the roads --but layers of ice formed and kept us from going up and down our big hill.   

Hope all of you are doing well.   I am sorry that I don't blog much anymore (and have lost many good friends because of it).  But at age 81,  my life has slowed down.   The only social media program I participate in now is Facebook which I love.  Many of my Blog Friends are on Facebook so I can keep up with them that way!!!!! 

Again I say,  make February the Month of LOVE----and let's keep it going very month!

Love to all,