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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DeSoto Falls, Mentone, Alabama (Part II)

Yesterday I showed Part I of our DeSoto Falls pictures, taken in January of 2007. Be sure and check it out FIRST --if you missed it. Today, I am showing you more from this area. As I mentioned yesterday, we KNEW that there had to be a way to see the entire waterfall from a distance. BUT--no trails were listed in any of our books or information. We finally talked to a ranger and found out there was a 'back' way (on a bushwhacking type of a so-called trail).

Well--you know that George and I will do most anything to get BETTER photos, so we took off and hiked around the bluffs --trying to work our way back and around in those woods, searching for a good view... I will say that one reason that trail is not publicized is because I'm sure that winter would be the only time one could work their way back into that area.

We however did fine---and you can only imagine how excited we were when we got to a place where we could see that beautiful waterfall. Here are the remainder of our pictures from that day. Above was our FIRST view of DESOTO FALLS --from a distance. Below are more.

We wandered around along the bluffs until we finally got to a wonderful place to VIEW the waterfall. You can tell just how happy I was---after the bushwhacking!!!

Here it is, DeSoto Falls---taken from the bluffs, using our zoom lens.

George was thrilled to find this vantage point. Seeing that waterfall from above (yesterday's post) was nice---but hiking around to see ALL of it was truly awesome.

We just couldn't take enough pictures of this 'beauty'.

I was thrilled that we found this way to view the falls.

Look to the left side of this picture, near the top... You may want to enlarge the picture. That is where we walked down to get the pictures in yesterday's post.. Can you see why the warning signs are there along that railing?

Here's one last photo from our view of DeSoto Falls. You can see now just how far away we had to go in order to get these pictures. But--it was worth it!!!!! It was a great day in Alabama!!!!

Some of you may know that George and I were supposed to leave today for a hiking trip to North Georgia. The weather is perfect and we were looking forward to this trip. But I have been having trouble with my left foot for over a week now, and have had trouble walking. I thought that this pain would just go away, but it hasn't. And if I can't walk, then it's obvious that I cannot hike. Darn!.

SO-- after much disappointment and lots of tears, we canceled this trip. I don't know what is wrong with my foot (pain is on the TOP of the foot and hurts worse when I'm wearing a shoe)--but if it doesn't get better soon, I'll get myself to a doctor. George is taking me on a Surprise Trip on Valentine's Day---and he wants me all healed by then.... Say a prayer for my poor little foot to heal, please.