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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Year OLDER.... Gads!

I cannot believe that it's THAT time again ----time for this old woman to celebrate another birthday (tomorrow, August 5)....  Doesn't seem like a year has passed since I wrote THIS post.... (Click on 'this'.) Goodness Gracious---where does time go??????  YES----tomorrow,  this old lady will turn SIXTY NINE.....  (Next year,  when I turn 70,  all of you bloggers can throw me a big party!!!! Okay???)

But this year,  I will name 15 things about me that some of you may not have known.  Out of these 15,  THREE are FALSE....  Your job is to choose which ones you think are false... I'll give you the answers on Monday!

  • 1. When I was born,  there weren't any beds available in the hospital,  so they put me in a dresser drawer...
  • 2.  I loved my Pre-K class (when I was four) so much that I got on a chair and moved the hands of the clock up closer to the time when we were supposed to leave for school.  
  • 3.  When I was five,  my mother made me a cake that looked like a merry-go-round (carousel).
  • 4.  I was in the chorus of the Nutcracker Ballet when I was young.
  • 5.  I took piano lessons from the age of 7 through high school, and went to competition and won a "High School Diploma in Piano" my Senior Year in high school. 
  • 6.  I played Clarinet in our band for 6-7 yrs. --and was first chair and also made All-State Band my Senior Year in high school.
  • 7.  I do not play the piano nor the clarinet anymore!
  • 8.  I absolutely love talking on the telephone.
  • 9.  I  always wanted to learn to fly an airplane.
  • 10.  I love watching soccer and seldom miss a game on TV. 
  • 11.  I do not enjoy reading and never have.  
  • 12.  My very favorite food in the world is peanut butter.
  • 13.  I love raking and working in the yard but despise cleaning the house.
  • 14.  I attended 28 different Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans one year.
  • 15.  I've been known to have gotten a few speeding tickets in my life!

Hope you enjoyed reading a little bit more about me...  I truly have had a great life --and am lucky to have had so many opportunities all through the years.  I'll conclude by sharing more 'Betsy pictures' through the years....  Have a great week and weekend.  My wonderful sweetheart is planning something wonderful for me these next few days---so I'll be back on Monday!

See that Merry-Go-Round Cake my Mama made!!!!

My Senior Prom, 1960

The "Lefty" hard at work!!!!

Then she grew up!!!!  ("But I was thirsty, Honey!")

Then she tried to FLY. 
What a funny-looking hiker girl!!!!

Don't even ask.... I have no clue!!!! ha ha
 Happy Birthday to the SILLIEST girl you know!!!!!  Have a wonderful week and weekend and I'll see you on Monday, August 8.  AND---don't forget to answer my questions above... I really want to see how many of you think you know me!!!!!!  (Glad my sons and hubby don't answer this blog!!!! ha)