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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Year OLDER.... Gads!

I cannot believe that it's THAT time again ----time for this old woman to celebrate another birthday (tomorrow, August 5)....  Doesn't seem like a year has passed since I wrote THIS post.... (Click on 'this'.) Goodness Gracious---where does time go??????  YES----tomorrow,  this old lady will turn SIXTY NINE.....  (Next year,  when I turn 70,  all of you bloggers can throw me a big party!!!! Okay???)

But this year,  I will name 15 things about me that some of you may not have known.  Out of these 15,  THREE are FALSE....  Your job is to choose which ones you think are false... I'll give you the answers on Monday!

  • 1. When I was born,  there weren't any beds available in the hospital,  so they put me in a dresser drawer...
  • 2.  I loved my Pre-K class (when I was four) so much that I got on a chair and moved the hands of the clock up closer to the time when we were supposed to leave for school.  
  • 3.  When I was five,  my mother made me a cake that looked like a merry-go-round (carousel).
  • 4.  I was in the chorus of the Nutcracker Ballet when I was young.
  • 5.  I took piano lessons from the age of 7 through high school, and went to competition and won a "High School Diploma in Piano" my Senior Year in high school. 
  • 6.  I played Clarinet in our band for 6-7 yrs. --and was first chair and also made All-State Band my Senior Year in high school.
  • 7.  I do not play the piano nor the clarinet anymore!
  • 8.  I absolutely love talking on the telephone.
  • 9.  I  always wanted to learn to fly an airplane.
  • 10.  I love watching soccer and seldom miss a game on TV. 
  • 11.  I do not enjoy reading and never have.  
  • 12.  My very favorite food in the world is peanut butter.
  • 13.  I love raking and working in the yard but despise cleaning the house.
  • 14.  I attended 28 different Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans one year.
  • 15.  I've been known to have gotten a few speeding tickets in my life!

Hope you enjoyed reading a little bit more about me...  I truly have had a great life --and am lucky to have had so many opportunities all through the years.  I'll conclude by sharing more 'Betsy pictures' through the years....  Have a great week and weekend.  My wonderful sweetheart is planning something wonderful for me these next few days---so I'll be back on Monday!

See that Merry-Go-Round Cake my Mama made!!!!

My Senior Prom, 1960

The "Lefty" hard at work!!!!

Then she grew up!!!!  ("But I was thirsty, Honey!")

Then she tried to FLY. 
What a funny-looking hiker girl!!!!

Don't even ask.... I have no clue!!!! ha ha
 Happy Birthday to the SILLIEST girl you know!!!!!  Have a wonderful week and weekend and I'll see you on Monday, August 8.  AND---don't forget to answer my questions above... I really want to see how many of you think you know me!!!!!!  (Glad my sons and hubby don't answer this blog!!!! ha)



Ms. A said...

I don't think they even had kindergarten when I started school?


rainfield61 said...

Happy birthday to you, from George through me.

You are now one year wiser than before, that I cannot match.

Twilight Man said...

Happy Birthday Betsy! You still look radiant in all your photos. You sure looked cute when you were little. Hugs!

My crystal ball says 1, 10 & 15 is false!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Wish you a fabulous birthday Betsy! Have fun!!!

Sciarada said...

Ciao Betsy, you're very nice, I'm very glad to have known these 15 things about you, I celebrate by toasting virtually, your birthday, best wishes!

Hugs and happy weekend!

HalfCrazy said...

Oh! Happy birthday Ms. Betsy from Tennessee!

False ones? I say:
> I do not enjoy reading and never have.
> I attended 28 different Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans one year.

And I'm missing one, I don't know what. I love number one. It's too funny so it must be true. Hahaha!

You look so totally fab in that big dress! I probably can't sport that look!

I LOVE the last picture.

Snap said...

Many Happy Birthday Wishes to You, Betsy!

Arkansas Patti said...

Happy Birthday Betsy!!! At least you can still say that you are "in your sixties".
The one I am thinking is false is about reading. Even if you didn't read novels, you do read tons of blogs every day. I am also leaning towards 8 and 10.
I know George has super plans, so enjoy your Birthday week end.

Harriet said...

My guess is 2,8,10 are false.
Happy Birthday!!

June said...

Happy Birthday, Betsy!
Enjoy it, as I know you will.

From the Kitchen said...

Happy Birthday! Remember, the celebration should last a month!!

I think nos. 2, 8 and 10 are not true although I hope it's not 10 because I love soccer!!

Let the celebration start!


Darla said...

2,11,7....A happy birthday to you, A happy birthday to you, everyday of the year may you feel Jesus near, A happy birthday to you, A happy birthday to you AND the best year you've ever had!

TexWisGirl said...

you are so cute no matter what the age! happy, happy birthday to you dearie! enjoy your birthday weekend! since i've only just known you a little while, i'd have to venture guesses on the fibs:

#2, #10, #11.

Leedra said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise said...

Happy, happy birthday Betsy. Have a wonderful day and I can't wait to see the fun surprises George has for you. 2, 10 and 14 but I'm so not good at this kind of thing.

Denise said...

p.s. LOVED all the photos!

linda m said...

Have a wonderful birthday! Those pictures are great.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Happy birthday! Can't wait for your big blogger party next year!

My guesses are 1, 11, and 15 are false. Do tell!

Linda said...

Happy birthday, Betsy. Wishing you a great celebration weekend with your hubby. I'm guessing the false ones are 2, 10, and 14.

Karin said...

OK, second try here. It didn't publish my first comment. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY weekend! Loved all the photos of you! I think #1, #2 and #13 are false - but what do I know, LOL!!

Lady Di Tn said...

Happy Burpday!!!!!!! My guess is 2, 8,and 13. Can't wait for the follow up story including the Surprise. Peace

Janice K said...

10, 11, 14 -- I confess, I don't really know you that well, but I like what I do know.

Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy this last year on the minus side of 70.

God bless!

Sandra said...

I am going out on a limb and saying all of these are true, since we all know how crazy you are. if not true, don't have a clue. i enjoyed all the photos. and one month from today, i will be 67

Mamma has spoken said...

Happy Birthday Betsy!!!
I know that the one about not liking to read is false. Never heard of a teacher who didn't like to read!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! I have no idea...I'd guess 10 (I thought you liked football), 11 (you read tons of blogs, so it can't be true), and 8 (but really I have no idea!). Have a fun birthday weekend!

Sandra said...

how "crass" of me. I forgot to say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY have a wonderful long week end where ever you may be.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Happy Birthday! I am glad to see you enjoy life, at any age. I love to talk on the phone and do not like to read also...

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Happy Birthday, Betsy! Loved seeing the cute Betsy through the years, you have a wonderful smile. I will pick numbers 2, 10 and 11. Hope you and George are doing something special to celebrate your special day. Have fun! Hugs, Cheryl

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Happy Birthday...
They all sound like so much fun I think I'll believe all of them. What a life filled with "life" that you are living...I think your glass is always full!!!
Loved the photos!!!

The Incredible Woody said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

The Incredible Woody said...

And seriously, I am totally in for that party! :)

troutbirder said...

Happy birthday Betsy! I just did 70 so don't worry about getting there. It's not so bad. :)

LV said...

Happy Birthday Betsy and may you be be blessed with many more. Age is just a number, we are never old.

Beth said...

You've got me on #2! I can see you doing it, but I'm 57 and Kindergarten and pre-K were not mandatory back then and small towns esp. didn't have them. So I'd say #2 is false.
Also #4, and 11.
You don't strike me as a telephone person--more in person or writing type, but I've used up my #'s.
My gut says it's 4, 8, and 11.
The time frame in my brain says 2, 4, 11.

Happy Birthday dear friend!

Auntie Bliss said...

I get the speeding tickets....not you.
There is no way you'd enjoy talking on the phone...nope.
George rakes the yard, you clean the house!
Am I right?
Happy Birthday to yoooou!!!
Don't drive as fast as your age unless you are on I-24!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh Betsy...HOW FUN is this???
I think I know you pretty well.....
I am going to guess the following are false:
15, 11 ,10

I hope you have the best weekend for your birthday!!!!

Sylvia K said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Becky! Mine is today!! How fun! Love your post for the day! I bet these photos bring great memories!! Have a beautiful day -- today and tomorrow!


Craver Vii said...

My guesses are 5, 8 and 14.


It is great to see how you and your husband love each other. (big smile)

imac said...

Great post Betsy.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Betsy
Happy Birthday to you.

Numbers which are untrue -
9 - 10 - 13.

Elettra said...

Happy Birthday and lots of happiness !!!!!!!!!! Very nice your photos!!

Happyone : ) said...

I'd say numbers 2, 4,and 15 are false.

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

I have absolutely no idea but I will say this: since 27 was a pretty good age for me I decided to remain 27 and holding no matter how many birthdays rolled around. It's allowed to age much more gracefully!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh,I won't even venture a guess.Just have a fabulous birthday,you deserve it.Wish I was closer to help you celebrate.

Jo said...

Happy birthday, sweetest Betsy! I love the prom dress and remembered your post from last year. I love the first point. How sweet to be placed in a drawer. We did this to my second granddaughter when she lived in our house and her cot was back home many miles away! I say 10, 11 and 15 is false. But everything about you is true and lovable, Betsy. Be blessedd this last year before the big 7! (((Hugs))) Jo

Peggy said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday!!!!!! I know George has something super special planned for you. As for the things I think are false: Number 10, 11, and 12. Yeah, I am wrong but everything else seemed so you. LOL

carolina nana said...

I'm guessing 2,4,8 .You don't strike me as even as a kid you would love school that much. You probably don't have time with your yard work and hiking to love to talk on the phone. It'll be interesting to see what is really false. Blessings

Ginny said...

You looked like Shirley Temple as a little girl, so precious!!! And that last picture, good grief, too funny! I see costumes and a witch's hat behind you, so I am thinking Halloween! You are so beautiful for your prom, you look like a bride! I'm going to guess that the wrong statements are numbers 13, 4, and 11. I know you have to rake a lot, but I don't think you like it! And I do think you love to read. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETSY!!!!!! I want to see pictures of what you do on your special day!!!! I have a card on the way, just a little late! You have the same birthday as my mom.

Jann E. said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Glad I found your Blog, you silly girl you!! :o) Have a great one!

Fred Alton said...

#7; #10 and #11. Only people who enjoy reading can write blogs as interesting as yours! It's hard to believe that anyone with that much talent would suddenly stop playing music! And on #10 - Just a wild guess! Although it is quite possible. ☺

Small City Scenes said...


Another year--egad they come along faster all the time. I am done. I will accept presents but no more years. LOL MB

Carletta said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETSY! If George has something planned I'm sure it will be wonderful!
Not totally sure about the true and false statements. But with all your research on things that interest you and family history work #11 can't possibly be true. Pre-K is a fairly new concept so I'll say #2 is false and soccer doesn't seem like you so #10. :)

Fred Alton said...

Betsy, I hope this is your best birthday ever! Many Happy Returns.

mint said...

1, 2 qnd 15

Becca's Dirt said...

Betsy I'd say 2, 8 and 10 are false. Definately no pre-k classes and I can't imagine you liking to talk on the phone or sit in front of the tv for every soccer game. You're a climber/hiker. Happy Birthday Betsy.

Daisy said...

Well, I'm going to guess 4, 10, and 12, Betsy. Happy birthday tomorrow! I hope you have a wonderful day as special as you are. :D Great big hug to you from me.

Big Dude said...

Happy birthday Betsy - When I was young, there was no K much less pre-K, so I'd guess 2 is false, along with 10 - never heard you mention sports of any kind. I'll take a wild guess and say 15 is false.

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy, Some storm we had last night, wasn't it? We did not have real damage just lots of sticks, leaves, acorns, and the little veggie garden was knocked around with tall plants getting hammered and bent. I enjoyed learning more about you in today's post. Have a super nice evening tonight and a fab. birthday tomorrow!

Kay said...

I hope you have a very special day. Thank you for being my friend.


Lola said...

1, 5, 15. Now you have caught up to me. lol Happy Birthday. Hope you've had a marvelous day so far. George always has neat things to surprise you. Have fun.

Janie said...

1, 11, and 13 are my guesses for false.
Love the photos. The first one looks like Shirley Temple.

Janie said...

Happy birthday, and have a fun time on your birthday outing.

Susie Swanson said...

Happy Birthday to a happy and cheerful gal that makes all of her blogging friends so cheerful too. And everyone around I might add. By the way, one of those that's probably false is kindergarten. There wasn't any kindergarten when I went and I'm just a tad more young than you. Enjoy your birthday..Susie

SquirrelQueen said...

Happy Birthday Betsy!

It's always fun to learn more about our fellow bloggers! I'm going to go out on a limb and say 2,8 and 10 are false.

If 14 is true I would love to hear that story!

Birthday Hugs,

Ann said...

Happy Birthday to you. I hope you have a most excellent day :)
No way do you even look close to being 69. Loved all the pictures through the years.
My guesses are going to be 8, 11, 15

Anonymous said...

John and I wish you a very happy birthday! Hope you both enjoy the weekend!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Birthday to you - happy birthday to you!

I know you like peanut butter.
I see your Merry Go Round Cake.

Shelley said...

I think #s 1, 7 and 11 are false! Happy birthday you beautiful & amazing woman! Loved seeing these photos of you over the years - I can see the joy in your face in each one!
Warm, Big Michigan Hugs,

Terra said...

Happy birthday to you. I am your newest follower so will have to guess and the one guess I have is that you do like to read.

Andrea said...

Dearest Betsy, just in time for the Happy Birthday! You have loads and loads of wonderful things this life, and congratulations for reaching that year still strong, happy, and can still reach waterfalls, smell the flowers and chase butterflies. You have a lot to thank God for! We are very happy for you. And you are so cute and beautiful in those kiddie photos, of course more beautiful now with all the experiences and disposition in your person. I don't think i know you well, but i will choose 7,8, 13.

Pedaling said...

August is the best month for birthdays!
I absolutely love all your goofy pictures...no wonder George loves you so much!

I think #2 is false
You did not attend 28 different Mardi Gras parades.
I think you do enjoy reading.

those are my 3.

Have a very Happy Birthday, my friend.

mudderbear said...

#2 Pre-school is a later development.
#4 Is there a chorus in The Nutcracker Ballet?
#8 Seems like I remember you saying you don't like talking on the phone in a blog once.

Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I really adore your love of life and vitality.
Best Birthday Wishes...Rosalie

Reader Wil said...

Happy Birthday Betsy! I hope that you and George will have many happy years to enjoy each other's company!

diane b said...

A very happy birthday. I can't wait to find out what George has in store for you. Have a super weekend. You have caught up to me. I guess 8.10, and 11.

Out on the prairie said...

Have a great celebration, I know you will!

Catherine said...

Wishing you the best birthday ever ~ have a hap hap happy day and kick up your heels sweet Betsy!!!
xo Catherine

Dar said...

Happy Birthday Lil Southpaw!
I didn't know we shared that~~
#'s 8,11,12 ?
You're still such a cutie!
And Betsy is STILL a PartyGirl!
funny last pic.
Love the Birthday Cake picture...so very sweet you are.

Tammie Lee said...

Happy Birthday Betsy! I wish you a wonderful new year.

It is hard to pick what is not true about you. I will #11, because you read blogs regularly, so you must enjoy reading. Maybe you hate p-nut butter?

lovely weekend to you!

Birdman said...

Happy B-day!
Here's my guess: You still play the piano and have never watched a complete soccer game live or on TV. Fun!

Cheryl said...

Wishing you a wonderful birthday weekend with your wonderful husband. May you have many more wonderful birthdays Betsy. So glad we have blogger so that I can follow your amazing life and photos! Happy Birthday to you!

Kim, USA said...

Hi Betsy!!! HAPPY 69th BIRTHDAY to you BETSY! Enjoy your weekend!

My answer is # 13, 14, 4

Anonymous said...

Loved all the old photos of you. You look like a wonderfully fun person.

Enjoy your day!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy birthday betsy! Whata cute child you were and what an incredible lady you are now! I'm so glad to know you through your blog!

I'm guessing that you don't like to talk on trhe phone, that you don't like soccer, and that you don't like peanut butter :0

Have a wonderful weekend!

Leontien said...

HI Sweet lady!
first off: Van Harte Gefeliciteerd!! and yes this means happy birthday in Dutch!

And hmmm i might not know you that well, yet.... but i can't believe #11 is right. I think if you like blogging you like reading!

I hope you have a great day! and I LOVED the pics!

Life Ramblings said...

Happy birthday to you Betsy. all great photos. hope you had a wonderful celebration.

My answers:

1, 8, 11.

Lynda said...

I think you like to read. I think if you wanted to learn to fly a plane, you would have told us you have taken some lessons. And I am not sure of the third. Happy Birthday, Friend!!!

Rose said...

Happy Birthday,

Rose said...

Betsy, I am back...I was wanting to make sure to wish you happy birthday before my clock showed midnight...then went on to read the post.

I swear I think I remember you telling that you did the thing with the clock...if not you, then someone did it.

I am afraid to say which I think are false...but my guesses are
#10 because I remember you liking to watch UT enough to mention it but don't remember you mentioning soccer...but maybe that the UT stuck because I used to watch them, too.
#11...I just can't imagine you not liking to read with as many blogs as you keep up with, plus how you like to write in your own.
I waved between #13 and #14...as my third choice.

Ryan said...

Happy birthday Betsy.

Ann said...

when we have a visitor speaker in church They are asked to tell 2 facts and one false statement, I never got the, right. So I am not guess now.

Happy birthday

Fact 1: You are a lovely woman.
Fact 2: You have a lovely husband.
Fact 3: I am glad I got to know you 2.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Hope you're having a lovely birthday weekend Betsy! I'm going to guess that 8,10, and 14 are false.
Love the pictures!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Hi, Betsy. Happy birthday!

My guesses are 2, 8 and 14. Looking forward to reading the right answers. You have a blessed life and that's a worthy gift for any birthday! Enjoy the weekend.

A Lady's Life said...

happy birthday betsy and many more years of health joy and serenity:)

Valerie said...

Oh Happy Birthday Betsy! Hope it was a great celebration. I am finally feeling over the jet lag - and spent some time catching up today! Wow - picking 3 that are not true????

I am going to guess that #2 is false, #8 is false and #10 is false.

I didn't look at anyone else's guesses - How did I do??

Enjoy your special weekend!! I need to catch up on your trip out west!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful one... LOVE that last shot... you're so silly!!! =)

Angela said...

Hope you got to go visit some more waterfalls! I'm pretty sure #2 is false but not sure about the others since I'm a new follower!

.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·`¤
Happy Birthday!
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·`¤

Terry and Linda said...



Donna said...

I can't imagine that you don't like reading, so that has to be a lie! In any event, happy birthday!!! I just turned 59 , and can't believe how fast it's be going by lately.

I'm back fom our AK trip and it was GREAT! We've got to talk! If you love nature and the outdoors, you would love this trip to death! it is not your boring run of the mill tour!

Lynn said...

Happy Belated Bday Betsy! You were/are adorable! Love the "swiss looking" hiking outfit.
We are still new friends but I have to believe anyone who loves "researching" as much as you do, would make #11 false. As to the rest, I would only be guessing. Will be exciting to see what George planned. May this year be wonderful, healthy, and filled with back roads and your camera. No, have never been to Charleston and always wanted to. Have done Savannah though.

Kalyan said...

A belated very happy birthday from a silent visitor of your blog!

marmee said...

happy birthday dear betsy,

the years fly by when we get older...what a shame since we are enjoying life so much at this point.

i hope you have a wonderful celebration.

i think 8, 10, and i don't know.

when my first born was born we had no cradle...she slept in a drawer for a few weeks.

did you know that i was born in the year you went to your high school prom?

i have made a hot air ballon cake with animal cracker passengers. love your mom's version of the carousel.

happiest of years to you betsy.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love all your photos of you throughout the years! What a cute little girl you were and so beautiful now. It was fun to read about you...love that you loved school and wanted to get there as soon as you could! (I wonder when it was noticed that it was you that changed the clock? :o)

My guess...are 7, 10, and 11 false?

Blessings & Aloha!
...& I just wanted to say thank you so much for your kind comment of the art I do, on sweet LV's post.

Cath said...

I vote that you do not love to talk on the telephone, you have not always wanted to fly an airplane and that PB is not your favorite food.

Cath said...

I vote 8, 9, and 10

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to you Betsy!

Loren said...

WOW!!! 104 comments!!! You are such a LOVED LADY you know that :):)

I won't answer these since I just read all the answers.... Guess I should get caught up in the correct order instead of backwards LOL

LOVE all these pics of you !!!

Your smile is just beautiful and sooo very contagious

Love to you and lots of birthday Hugs too!

Cicero Sings said...

LOVED all the pictures. Too fun. Mom used a dresser drawer for me in motel rooms when they traveled and I still fit!