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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rain, Rain---Go Away

Yesterday, George and I drove to Hendersonville (north of Nashville) to check on George's elderly parents. We knew that 'storms' were coming ---but didn't realize at the time just how BAD they were going to be. We ran through a little rain heading to Hendersonville ---but when we got there, the wind was picking up and the temperature had risen to 81 degrees. We KNEW that something was brewing!!!!

We spent the morning working on Mom and Dad's financial work and going through the mail. They made their grocery list --so we headed out for lunch. At that time (around noon), it was still breezy but no rain. We had lunch and got all of their errands run --and got back to their house BEFORE the rains began.

We finished all of the other things in order to help the folks ---and headed home about 3 p.m. There were tornado warnings and even tornado touchdowns in several areas of Tennessee. The skies were black-black-black... Once we got on I-40 heading east--- the rains began to pick up. Once we got near Cookeville, the heavy rains came. We kept on plugging --and George drove us through some of the hardest rain we have been in in a VERY long time. The interstate traffic was heavy ---and we all just prayed and crept along. We saw at least THREE cars which had hydroplaned and lost control of their cars. BUT--there were no accidents (other than those three), praise God.

We finally made it to Crossville, picked up my cousin who was waiting for us, and went to dinner. The rains finally headed east ---and left our area. We made it home safe and sound, only to find no damage here, other than some rain. BUT--we are hoping that there hasn't been too much damage in Tennessee due to the storms yesterday. We heard on TV that Kentucky suffered damage.

AND---we hope that there is no rain today or Sunday ---so that we can show my cousins (and their families) all around our area. I had to laugh when I picked one of the cousins up last night in the pouring rain---and said, "Welcome to Tennessee"...

The good news is that Mom and Dad Adams are still doing GREAT. They are two amazing people!!!

Hope you have a great weekend and don't have storms and tornadoes in your area.


All of the pictures came from the internet in today's post.