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Friday, August 30, 2013

It's a BLUEBIRD kind of Day!

FOUR Eastern Bluebirds at the feeders
Welcome to my "Bluebird Kitchen"..  I do feed lots of other birds --but right now,  there are many, many  Bluebirds around.   So today will be a "Bluebird Post"...

All of the photos were taken on August 24, 2013.  Be sure to enlarge them for larger photos.   Bluebirds love Mealworms (feeder to the right) --but they also love the Peanut Suet in the background,  and the plate feeder (which has a combination of Fruits and Nuts)..  Do I spoil them????? YES --I do --and I love it!

The Bluebirds never touched the suet UNTIL I changed to the Peanut Butter kind..  (Can't say that I blame them --since I also love peanut butter... ha)

I have to fill the Mealworm feeder everyday for them.... That male Bluebird looks pretty healthy,  doesn't he?

The Juvenile Bluebirds love the mealworms also... (I remember not long ago when Daddy was having to feed these little guys... No more--they are on their own now!)

The Baby Bluebirds loved to spread out and take a nap on the plate feeder... Crazy birdies!!!!!  (It was a HOT afternoon ---so I think this is another way to cool off and scratch their tummies!)

He looked at me and said:  "What are you looking at, Lady?  Can't I eat in peace?"  ha

"Yum ---give me some more of this delicious Peanut Suet!"

Baby Blue is sitting IN the mealworm plate....  Isn't he cute?

I almost got the bird on the right in flight---I never seem to catch them in flight --but I'll keep trying...  Bluebirds are such wonderful little birds.  I feel blessed to have them at my feeders.

"Okay, Lady,  if you want my picture,  I'll turn and show you how pretty I am."

Finally,  I love this photo of one of the Juvenile Bluebirds at the Mealworm feeder...

OOPS---where did he come from ???  He's not a Bluebird..   He is a baby CARDINAL.  Isn't he adorable?   I love his top-notch.  He told me that he wanted in this blog also!!!!!! ha

Besides the baby Bluebirds,  we have quite a few Juvenile Cardinals at the feeders also...  I'll publish another blog soon showing more of our Backyard Birds at our feeders.

My Facebook Friends know that,  with the help of a cousin,  I've gotten new information about my Ballard side of the family (my mother's father's family).  Another cousin has the Ballard Family BIBLE---so I am getting new information from him..  For a Genealogist,  this is EXCITING news... For that reason,  I am taking next week off from Blogging JUST so I can spend alot of time on my Family History.

Hope all of your have a great LABOR DAY celebration---and I'll see you on Monday,  September 9th