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Friday, October 7, 2011

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Looking down into the canyon;  Believe it or not,  there is a trail all of the way down there!!!
Of everywhere we visited in June of 2011 (on our 3 week western trip),  our VERY favorite place of all was BRYCE CANYON...  We first went there on Sunday,  June 19...  Since it was cloudy, foggy and rainy-- even some snow that day (even though we still loved it),  we decided to go back.  SO---on Tuesday,  June 21,  on a gorgeous day in Utah,  we went back to Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon is hard to describe.  I had always heard of their HOODOOS--but of course, had never seen them...  Hoodoos are pillars of rock, usually of fantastic shapes,  standing in rows and rows and rows.  These hoodoos were caused from erosion some 10 million years ago.  The hoodoos looked to me like millions of people all standing in rows..  You truly have to see it in person.

On that Tuesday,  one place we visited was Sunset Point.   We hiked down into the canyon on the Navajo Trail..   I didn't go down very far due to achy knees --but George hiked all the way down to the bottom and then back up.  Today's photos are taken from the Sunset Point area --and into that canyon where we hiked. Be sure to click on them to enlarge!

From Sunset Point,  you can see some of the Hoodoos!

This was our view from Sunset Point.   Is this not awesome?   WOW!

Another view from Sunset Point showing the  hoodoos and some of the valley beyond;

I took some pictures of George as he headed down into that canyon.  See him????

Now--he is WAY down there... See him now????

Here's one more gorgeous picture from Sunset Point!  What BEAUTY!
This is just one TINY section of Bryce Canyon.  Besides the Visitor Center,  there are about 14 different overlooks --where you can see different things throughout the canyon.  We visited ALL of them ---so I'm sure I'll share many more pictures in the future...

If you ever get out west,  do not miss seeing BRYCE CANYON... We saw many many places in this trip and all were nice.  However,  Bryce just called our names!!!!   It's an awesome place!!!

We had a wonderful evening last night --since we got to see my grandson play the drums in their high school band at the football game.  I'm so proud of him...  Today --we are headed to Tullahoma to check on George's Daddy... 

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday.