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Monday, December 5, 2016

Welcome December

Poinsettia Tree at Biltmore (11/20/16)
Dear Friends,  I thought I'd stop by and say HELLO... George and I are doing fine --and just came home from visiting George's son and family in Florida for Thanksgiving..

On the road to Florida,  we stopped by the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  North Carolina,  to take some Christmas pictures.    I wanted some new pictures for my December headers for my blogs,  for Google+ and for Facebook...

We enjoyed walking through the Conservatory ---and I really enjoyed seeing all kinds of different  sizes and shapes and colors of POINSETTIAS.  My header (above) is  a picture of some of the brightest hot pink Poinsettias I have ever seen.

Today,  I'll share with you a few more pictures taken on that day (11/20/16) at Biltmore.  You can click on the pictures for enlargements.

Light Pink Poinsettias at Biltmore (11/20/16)

Some Red and White Poinsettias  at Biltmore  (11/20/16)

A beautiful Multi-Colored Poinsettia at Biltmore  (11/20/16)
Have you done your Christmas Decorating yet?  Many of my friends have --but I'm just getting started with mine...    Do you like Poinsettias?  I do ---and a good friend sends us a gorgeous Poinsettia for our home each December..

Hope all of you will have a blessed December.