Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JULY!!!! Our Lilies are blooming now... So gorgeous!!! Here is one of my many favorites! Meet DIZZY.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Beach is CALLING us!!!!

George and I are off again on a week's vacation to our favorite beach place, the Islander Inn at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. We've been going to the beach in May for several years. George (before I knew him) used to live in Little River, SC.. So he knows the Myrtle Beach area very well.

We used to go to a small motel (Cherry Grove Manor) in North Myrtle Beach. But 'progress' took that gorgeous little place away from us. They replaced the manor and built another huge high-rise in its place--like you find everywhere in the Myrtle Beach area these days. DARN!!!!

SO---since we wanted another quiet place, away from all the people who go to Myrtle Beach, we went NORTH into North Carolina. Ocean Isle Beach is a small community ---and we LOVE it. It's far enough away to give us the privacy that we enjoy --yet it is close enough if we want to go into the city!!!!

I have always loved the beach ---and the week that we spend there satisfies my longings!!! I love the sun and I also love to search for shells. George sits on the beach and reads ---and I lie on the beach soaking up the sunshine.

Another thing that draws us to the beach is the fresh seafood. We have several favorite restaurants where we get the most delicious seafood. (I cannot wait!!!! ha)

The rooms at Islander Inn have king beds, a sofa, chairs, dresser, TV, small kitchen with frig and microwave, and bath. Above is a picture of the beach from our balcony. One more picture is below --and following that are more pictures from our beautiful yard here in Fairfield Glade this Spring.

This picture was taken last year on our trip to Ocean Isle Beach.

This is another of our gorgeous Irises. This deep purple one is named Autumn Bugler.

This Iris is named Queen Dorothy (I'm sure for blog friend Dorothy Pepper)... ha... BUT--I told George that it should be named Queen Betsy.. Doesn't sound as good as Queen Dorothy though, does it????? ha

I showed this beauty in another post, but love seeing them in a group. These are called Honey Glazed. More and more of the Irises are blooming each day. I'm sure we'll miss some of our Iris blooms this year.

The white dogwoods are so pretty right now in our area. This one is on the front corner of our lot.

We have a large rock bed next to the our driveway. It slopes ---and we've been trying to find all kinds of things which will grow in that big bed. In that bed now, we have Periwinkle, Semps (Chicks and Hens), Dad Adams Daffodils, Daylilies, Pansies, Candy Tuft, Phlox and Pinks.. Above is the beginning of our Phlox.

This is our Candy Tuft in that rock bed. It's SO pretty right now.

These are our Pinks (Dianthus) --which were given to us by a friend. These beauties are spreading nicely in this bed.

I thnk I mentioned that we have 7 Azalea bushes in our yard. There are TWO this color in the front yard. We were hoping they would wait and bloom when we got home from the beach.. But--as you can see from the picture above, these Azaleas are really blooming now. The disadvantage of leaving home this time of year is that we may miss some of our blooms (Azaleas, Irises, and our beautiful Rhododendrons)... BUT--we don't want to miss the first Rose blooms---so that's why we are going earlier this year. Hopefully, we'll have some roses in bloom by the middle and end of May. Yeah-Rah!!!!

UPDATE: There are FOUR eggs in the Bluebird nest---and Mama has started incubating the eggs. By my calculations, the babies will be born about May 14---which happens to be my youngest son's birthday. AND--we will be back from the beach before they hatch.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and week... We won't have computers with us --so we will have to catch up on your posts when we get home (about the 11th). Thanks so much for your friendship ---and for visiting my blog each and every single day.
Hugs, and Lots of Love,