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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cades Cove in the Winter

George and I spent a couple of days in the fabulous SMOKY MOUNTAINS last week.  On 1/23/13,  we visited a favorite place,  Cades Cove.   I love that valley --and all of the peace one can feel just by being there...

As I've said many times,  we visit the Smokies during the 'off-seasons' when there aren't very many people around.  Last week was one of those perfect weeks because, even though it was quite cold (30's),  the sun was shining brightly.  AND--there were very few people around.

We have visited the Smokies many, many times---but this time,  we saw more deer (pictured above) than we have EVER seen there at one time... Such gorgeous animals!!!  Be sure to click on the photos and collages to see enlargements.

No matter how many times we visit there,  we still love to stop all along the way and take photos... I took this picture of George as we checked out that beautiful area.

I never tire of seeing the little churches in Cades Cove.  This time I took some pictures to share with you....

When I am in that valley,  I feel a peace unlike any other place we ever visit.  I could live there in a heartbeat!!!

You can tell by the look on my face how happy I was to be there.

George wandered around in the wooded area near the Missionary Baptist Church trying to find a better place to take a picture of the church.  Both George and I enjoy hiking off-trail in the winter...

Finally,  I'll close with a collage showing several different views of the Smoky Mountains from Cades Cove.  If you haven't had the privilege of visiting our Smokies,  add it to your list sometime --and make sure that Cades Cove is on that list!!!!

Rhododendron during our Ice Storm
Hope you made it through the weekend...  We had an Ice Storm here --but luckily,  other than losing our power once (briefly),  we didn't have anymore problems.  However,  it was very very slick ---and we were just glad to be home --safe and sound!!!  We didn't venture out of the house much at all--except when I was filling the bird feeders.

Here's a picture showing how pretty the trees looked --as they turned silver in color.  Wanna come and sit on my bench?????  NO----not on that day, you didn't!!!!  TOO COLD!!!!

Finally,  here's a close-up of one of the branches on one of our trees.  Interesting,  isn't it????   I do NOT like ice storms --but this one didn't cause us any problems --and it turned out to be kinda pretty!!!!!   Hope you had a great weekend.