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Monday, November 1, 2010

Autumn in the Smokies -Part II

This is another post from our recent trip to North Carolina.  If you missed either of the other two posts,  please scroll  down to Labels on my sidebar and click on MAGGIE VALLEY 10/10.   Today I will share more pictures taken as we crossed over Highway 441 --between Gatlinburg and Cherokee.  Above is a picture showing all of the colors dotted on the mountains.  Below are more.

Glad I wasn't in that airplane.... I loved being on the ground right there in the Smokies... Colors --colors everywhere...

Because of the dry conditions in Tennessee,   the colors include more yellows,  golds,  and browns this year... However,  we did see LOTS of reds and maroons.  Just gorgeous!!!

Here is another view of the Chimneys --showing off their Autumn colors!

I love seeing the green pine trees --with the other trees showing off their colors.

Finally,  here is one more picture showing the mountain ranges ---and a beautiful red tree showing off for us!!!!!

IF you ever get a chance to visit the Smokies,  do it!!!!  It's a wonderful place during ALL seasons.

Hope you had a good weekend.   After a 'Family Meeting' with George's elderly parents,  we think (finally) that we have found an agency who will supply help for them in their home.  Please say a prayer for these two elderly blind people (ages 98 and 90) who want their freedom and independence ---yet desperately need help.

Have a wonderful day!