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Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to SERENITY

As some of you may remember, George and I went to a little cabin in Cosby, TN this past November to celebrate my birthday. My birthday is in August--but we had to put the trip off until November. While in Cosby, we checked out some waterfalls in the area. One of these waterfalls was Serenity Falls. Lo and behold, when we found Serenity, we found out that there were cabins there!!! I told George at the time that I really would love to stay at Serenity Falls sometime. This past Thursday ---we did it!!!! All I can say is WOW!!! What an incredible place!!!

This is a "Mom-and-Pop" business, and there are only four cabins. The owners live there also--and were so attentive to us and our needs. It was almost like the way folks are treated at a B&B. The cabins were totally stocked --including coffee, and the owner brought over some freshly baked cookies for us.

This little group of cabins is located in a little holler (as we mountain people call a hollow)... There are mountains on both sides, and that gorgeous waterfall is at the 'head' of the holler, just rolling down the mountain. In the 1800's, this little area was a thriving business which included a Grist Mill, a General Store, a Barn and a Stall. The area thrived until the Government bought the nearby land for the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest --which closed the road leading through the property.

The entire area deteriorated until this wonderful couple bought the property in the '90's ---and renovated the buildings into cute, little cabins. (Oh--how I wish that I had had that opportunity to buy this property at one time!!!!)

We stayed in Ed's Mill (and it was neat knowing that the cabin we were in was once a Grist Mill). The other three cabins were named: the General Store, Tillie's Stall, and Will's Barn. (Tillie Rose was the cow belonging to the original family, and Will was the original owner of the property).

We have LOTS of pictures from our 3 days at Serenity, and of our visits to see new waterfalls and other places in the area. I'll spread these pictures out over the next week or weeks. We did have quite a bit of rain while we were there ---but that didn't stop us from going-and-doing. BUT---with that gorgeous waterfall right outside our window, it was hard for me to want to go anywhere!!!! I felt like I was truly in heaven.

Today I will share pictures of our little cabin named Ed's Mill. Above is a picture of us --at Serenity Falls. Below are more!!! Hope you enjoy them! Be sure and click on them for larger photos.

This was our cabin--from the side, looking toward the waterfall in the distance. Isn't it just gorgeous?

You are just not going to believe this---but this big picture-window was in our cabin. We could sit and watch Serenity Falls FROM our comfy sofa or chairs. Isn't that truly just unbelievable???? Can you just imagine how a couple of waterfall-lovers like us felt just watching that waterfall for THREE days!!!! WOW!!!

This picture was taken from our deck--looking toward the waterfall.

This is a picture taken from the waterfall, looking back toward our cabin. You can see the front porch on the left and the deck on the right. AND--you can see that BIG picture-window where we could view the waterfall.

This picture was taken from the sofa --looking toward the deck. As you can see, there's another large window looking out on the deck. We had a flat-screen TV and a gas-log fireplace.

This picture was taken from the other side (where the TV is) ---looking toward the front of the house and the comfy sofa!!

The kitchen was loaded with everyone we needed. The living/dining/kitchen were all in the same room--and this worked out very well for us.

This was our bedroom.. The cabin was decorated so nicely--with great pictures, antique furniture, and comfy beds.

I just had to take a picture of this old antique dresser. I'm sure that 'antique-lovers' would love to have this piece of furniture. We also loved the hardwood flowers throughout the cabin.

This was the 2nd bedroom.. Quilt-lovers would love seeing all of the qults throughout the cabin. The cabin could easily sleep six people since the sofa was a sleeper sofa.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of "Ed's Mill".. I truly thought I was in HEAVEN!!!!