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Monday, November 19, 2012

Cantwell Cliffs, Ohio 10/16/12

We've had several trips this Fall  (our Yellowstone trip,  our Asheville trip,  and our Ohio trip)---and I am juggling the photos on my blog... Hope you don't get too mixed up!!!!!  Anyhow---today's blog is from our trip to Hocking Hills State Park near Logan, Ohio, which we took from October 15-18 with our friends Patti and NEAL.   (Be sure to check out Neal's blog.  They were on a trip to Glacier when we were at Yellowstone.  He has some amazing photos.

While at Hocking Hills,  we visited all of the different areas and did quite a bit of hiking.  The weather was perfect and the Ohio Fall colors were TREMENDOUS.  We had a great time together!

This post is at one of the areas we visited on 10/16,  called CANTWELL CLIFFS.  The trails at Cantwell were 'interesting'...  To say that we got lost is not totally correct.  However,  I think we walked to the moon and back before getting back out of that area!!!! ha.... BUT--we did see lots of pretty Fall Colors (as in the photo above) along the way... Be sure and click on the photos for enlargements.

The trail led us down some stairs!!!!!  (Glad I had lost some weight before going down there!!!!) ha ha

Here's a picture of some of the steps (there were many more), as we went down into that canyon.

I took this picture of George  (and Patti --who was tiny enough to easily get through these rocks) after I got down that rock trail...

Here is a picture of the big cliffs --after we got down into that canyon.

We hiked down into the 'bowl'....  The rock formations were SO neat!!!! (That is Neal on the right.)

Here is a 'waterless' waterfall...  But you can see where water does come down during the rainy season.

I like this picture of our TRAIL--as we hiked down into that canyon.

We hiked and hiked and hiked --once we got down in the canyon area.  The trail was supposed to be a loop trail --but somehow,  since it wasn't marked well,  we missed the loop.... At least,  while we were hiking,  we did get some great pictures of the trees above and around us.

Here's another beautiful photo of the Fall Colors that day.

AND---here's ONE more!!!!!  Did I say that the Ohio Colors were fabulous when we were there???

On the way back up that canyon,  Patti and Neal took off on one trail, and George and I went back another way....  I looked at that picture above and said:  "Yipes... We have to go up there through that???????"  ha ha .... We made it --but Neal said that THEY had chosen the better path!!!!!  Oh Well---we got lots of good exercise at Cantwell Cliffs.

Hope you have a wonderful week and THANKSGIVING.  We are taking a blog break and will be back next Monday,  Nov. 26...   God Bless each of you during this wonderful Thanksgiving Week.

AND---please take a minute to read this fabulous blog post (click HERE)  which is what Thanksgiving and our country is all about.  Thanks, Brenda, for this post.  Brought tears to my eyes.