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Thursday, August 12, 2010

VERY Special Blog Friends

I am so excited about this part of my Birthday trip ---that I'm going to jump ahead from Thursday to Saturday evening. We spent the night that night in Staunton, Virginia. AND---George had arranged for us to meet some special Blog friends who live nearby in Waynesboro, whom we had never met before,
GINNY and Phil.

Ginny and I (actually both George and I) have been blog buddies for quite sometime ---and I was hoping that we could meet her/them sometime... Well---meeting both of them was pure JOY. The four of us, from the minute we met, felt as if we had been life-long friends. It was awesome.

We went to their home ---where Ginny surprised me with a delicious Birthday cake. We sat and talked for hours (not nearly long enough though)---and then they took us and showed us their gorgeous church, where they are VERY involved. It was a wonderful evening --and hopefully, we'll meet again OFTEN. George wants to go back to Virginia to do some Civil War history travels ---so I said, "Why not do it in the Fall when we can see the Autumn colors ?" SO---maybe, just maybe, we'll do that.

Here are some pictures from our evening. Above is a picture of our special friends, Phil and Ginny. Below are more.

Here is a picture of the pretty cake which Ginny and Phil had, JUST for me!!!!!!

Oh what a picture!!!!!! I'm not sure whether I (with that big mouth) was getting enough air to blow out ALL of those candles (only three??? ha), or whether I was getting ready to INHALE the entire cake!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha

Phil even entertained us with his special "Flying Saucer"..... I was ready to jump onboard, and go and search for some aliens.

Ginny and Phil took us to their beautiful church, the Waynesboro Mennonite Church. What a gorgeous church!!!! It was dark outside, so we couldn't get a picture of the outside of the church. But--it is a beautiful little 'church in the round'.

Here's a great picture of Ginny, George and Phil --taken at the church.

Finally, here are Bestest Bloggy Friends, Ginny and me!!!!! If you have not checked out Ginny's blog, click HERE. She has a talent for talking about things in 'real life' --and then relating them to a scripture passage. Her blog is VERY interesting ---and once you get to know Ginny, she will be your GREAT friend also!!!!!

I love meeting blog friends, and have met several. IF you haven't met some of your blog friends, you SHOULD.... It's magical and totally fabulous!!!!

Thanks Ginny and Phil for such an incredible evening!!!!! We love you both!

Hugs to ALL,