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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Beach in Winter--December, 2013

Sunrise at Ocean Isle Beach -12/4
We love going to the beach in December.  We go to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina (north of Myrtle Beach).  We love it there when we go each year in May---but we almost love it as much in winter...

I have two posts sharing photos from this wonderful beach,  and this is the first one.  Hope you enjoy seeing these pictures --especially in winter when so many of us 'dream' about going somewhere like the beach!

Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.  Above is a sunrise we saw from our room on December 4.  There were clouds down low that morning --but the sky above was pretty.  We cannot see the sunrise in May---so seeing this (and seeing the sunsets) in December is VERY special...  I certainly don't mind getting up early to see the sunrise here.

Islander Inn
Once we were able to walk on the beach on December 4,  we took a photo of our  'home' that week.  Our room is the 2nd building from the right (above the gazebo),  the top one on the left...  We ask for this room each time we go there..

The Islander Inn's rooms have everything we need (ocean-front room, king bed, sofa/chairs, desk, coffee pot, big TV, internet, microwave, small refrigerator, porch, full bath, etc.).  They also provide a great breakfast each morning .  AND--for those interested, there is an indoor pool and  outdoor pool (closed in winter).  We highly recommend it --and the price is definitely right especially in the off-season!

George on the beach
George and I LOVE walking on the beach --both in May and December.  Since we choose the off-seasons,  the beach is almost always OURS --with few others around. 

On the afternoon of December 3,  we were waiting to see the sunset --when we noticed a 'sun dog'.... Wikipedia says that this is an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light in the sky, often on a luminous ring or halo on either side of the sun.  Neat, huh????

Birds on the beach
We didn't see many birds on the beach this year (like we did last December when it was MUCH colder there).  But---I did manage to see a few and get some photos!

Betsy on the beach
Here is a photo George took of me when we were taking one of our MANY walks on the beach.  The weather warmed up nicely and we didn't have to wear our sweatshirts all week.  (Some of you may remember last year's trip here when it was SO cold.... Click HERE for that post.  This year we came more prepared for cold weather --and it was not cold at all.  Go Figure!!!! ha)

Sunset- 12/3
This was the prettiest sunset we saw all week.  It was on Dec. 3.  It was just fantastic--one of those sunsets that takes your breath away!

George near the Fishing Pier
Here's George as we took another of our long walks on the beach... We took long walks twice every day... Great Exercise!!!  I love this photo of the Fishing Pier --showing its reflections.

The Gazebo at the Islander Inn
From our porch,  we could look down on the Gazebo below us... We did sit on this Gazebo a few times this week, and even took some photos from there.

Sunset,  12/5
Here's another sunset photo.  I love the way the sun's colors can light up the entire sky...

Betsy on the Gazebo.
I was fascinated with the dunes at Ocean Isle Beach... These sea oats are SO pretty.

Us at Ocean Isle Beach
Here is a photo of us taken on 12/4.  This was taken at the Calabash Creamery --where we had some ICE CREAM... Yum!!!!

As I said,  I have one more post from the beach to share.  Hope you are enjoying seeing our photos from this fun trip!!!!

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