Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to FEBRUARY!!!! My header picture this month is a photo I took of the fireplace in our home. The warmth of the fire helped us get through a VERY cold January. February is known as the Month of LOVE. SO I wish you love, joy, peace, happiness and lots of Laughter...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beauty from BILTMORE--5/7/11

As I mentioned in a recent blog (click HERE),  we had a wonderful vacation to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina.  On the way home from that little trip,  we stopped to see more beauty from the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina. We saw beautiful roses in bloom while we were there that day,  but we also saw other beauty at Biltmore... Here are some pictures taken while we were at Biltmore that day.  Above were some of the Azaleas still blooming.

On this trip,  we walked to the Spring Garden (which we had not seen before).  On this little walk,  we came to a place where we could look down and see some of the Walled Garden.   I would have loved to have been in this location when the Tulips were all blooming in that garden.   Maybe next year,  we'll do that!!!

This beauty  (Hydrangea I think)  was found inside the Conservatory.  We didn't spend much time inside this time--but I couldn't resist getting a few pictures while there.

One more Hydragea blossom;  I absolutely LOVE this color...Isn't it gorgeous?

I have no idea what these are (someone please give me a name) --but they were so pretty.   I took several pictures of them.  UPDATE:  They are called Alliums.

You have to be there in order to visualize the heights of some of the trees at Biltmore...The little hike (you can see some of the path) at Biltmore, called the Spring Garden Walk is a nice little hike through some of the more woodsy areas of Biltmore.  We recommend it --if you ever get there.

Finally, here's a pretty picture showing the gorgeous blue sky and a beautiful bush filled with white blooms.  There were several of these blooming bushes around --and they looked as if they had snow on them.

I have many more Biltmore pictures to share --but that will be in future posts!!!!  I am so glad that we bought season's passes since every month shows new and different beauty from that gorgeous place.

Biltmore offers much more than just a beautiful home and gardens.  There are so many things to do there (picnicking, walking paths,  biking, horseback riding,  fine and casual dining,  shopping, and a huge winery--Antler Hill Village)--many of which we haven't done yet.  AND--if you can afford it,  stay in the famous and gorgeous Inn on Biltmore Estate.

(You think they should pay me for all of this free advertisement????? ha ha)

Have a wonderful day.