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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Favorite June ROSES in our Yard-- 2014

Touch of Class Rose--taken 6/4/14
It's hard to believe that it's JULY now... Do you like my new header and color scheme???  I love those Wild Horses Daylilies since the colors are so pretty....  Happy July to all of you!!!

I decided in May to do a "Favorite Roses Blog Post" each month this year, until all of the roses are gone by the end of Autumn...  IF you missed the May rose choices,  click HERE.  In that post,  I decided to feature 10 of my favorite May roses--plus an extra one, which was special for another reason.

WELL--since I made my own rules,  I guess it is okay to break them... Since JUNE was a HUGE month for Roses  (I photographed 624 pictures of roses in June --which came from 54 different varieties),  I decided to feature 15 this month instead of 10, plus one more special one.  AND--choosing just 16 was HARD since these roses (being the first blooming  rose groupings of the year) are some of the prettiest we have all season.

BUT--I did it (chose 15 instead of 10),  so I hope you enjoy seeing them today!  Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.  Sit back and enjoy the beauty... I only wish you could smell some of these beauties... We buy Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses ---and try to buy the 'fragrant' ones when possible....

Soft Whisper Rose -6/7/14  (new rose in our yard this year)

Summer Nights Rose -6/7/14

Milestone Rose -6/8/14

Radiant Perfume Rose -6/10/14

Alec's Red Rose -6/13/14

Moonstone Rose -6/13/14

Sweetness Rose -6/16/14

Dolly Parton Rose -6/16/14

Tahitian Sunset Rose -6/17/14

Elle Rose -6/17/14

Summer of Love Rose 6/19/14

Ronald Reagan Rose -6/21/14
I need to tell you about Ronald Reagan Rose.  This was one of my favorite roses all last year.  Due to the severe winter we had this past year,  this rose was struggling --and acted as if it were dying... George moved it to a container,  gave it some of his special "George Love and Attention" ---and guess what????  Ronald Reagan has bounced back BIGTIME.  What a beautiful rose!

Francis Meilland Rose -6/26/14
This beautiful Rose is one of our NEW ones this year.  We saw it last year while visiting Biltmore Home and Gardens.   We loved it there ---so we ordered it!!!  Isn't it a beautiful rose?

Chicago Peace Rose -6/11/14
This was my FAVORITE rose of the month.  This rose (like another one I featured in May--Peace Rose) stays beautiful for a long time --changing colors as it ages... Isn't this one pretty---with the raindrops on it?

Group of Love and Peace Roses -6/9/14
Finally,  this is my extra one this month.  I could easily have featured it individually---but wanted you to see how pretty it was showing it to you in a group.  This little beauty has bloomed and bloomed this month.

Since Friday is the 4th of July,  I will not blog that day...  However,  let me take this time to tell you  to enjoy the holiday ---and have a wonderful weekend.  God Bless America --and God Bless YOU....

Please take some time to read my new QUOTES on the sidebar this month... Some (or many) of them will speak to you I'll bet!!!!!