The Header Picture was taken on September 9, 2017 on our recent trip out west... This picture shows the SUNSET in MONUMENT VALLEY Navajo Tribal Park, northern Arizona.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sunny Flowers Indeed

In all of my life,  I have never seen THIS many Sunflowers in the same place...When George took me on my birthday trip on August 4-6,   one of the places we stopped was a favorite of ours,  the Biltmore House and Gardens...

When we were in the car,  getting ready to leave,  we spotted rows and rows and rows of beautiful Sunflowers in bloom.  Of course,  we had to stop and take some pictures.  I'll share them with you today --but it's hard to explain just how many we saw --since we couldn't get all of them into the same photo.  Some man standing there said that there must be thousands... I'm not sure,  but it felt like thousands to me... Today,  I'm sharing some of our gorgeous Sunflower pictures for you.  Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we did.

See the bees?

Here's a closer picture for you to see the bees enjoying lunch.

I love seeing the mountains in the distance.

Here you can see more flowers, plus the mountains.

Can you see how many???? Rows and Rows... It was awesome!

Here is a very happy girl---who absolutely loves Sunflowers--especially on her 69th birthday.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the Biltmore Sunflowers today.

Have a SUNNY day!!!