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Monday, April 25, 2011

Interesting Sky Pictures from Arkansas

On our recent trip to Mt. Nebo, Arkansas  (click HERE for more pictures from that trip),  we have talked about the weather that week ALOT.... ha....  Anyhow--every single time we go to Mt. Nebo,  we love to take both sunrise and sunset pictures... This year was a huge challenge...   BUT--as things always seem to work out for us,  we did manage to get some very interesting and 'different' pictures this year. Hope you enjoy some of our 'sky' pictures from Arkansas.

Above is probably the closest thing to a SUNRISE we saw all week.  A couple of mornings, we didn't even try since it was so cloudy.  BUT --two other mornings we got up early to see the sunrise at Sunrise Point,  but the fog and clouds definitely got in our way!!!!

This beautiful picture of the fog (mist) in the valley below was gorgeous --as we sat there at Sunrise Point waiting to see the sun!!!   You can see some lights in the valley --but what I loved was seeing all of the fog.

Here is one last picture taken from Sunrise Point --showing the fog in the valley,  and the pretty morning color in the sky.

We had a little better luck with getting some SUNSET pictures than we did sunrise.    From our cabin,  here is the beginning of a very pretty sunset.

I love this picture, also taken from the cabin.  There is always something special while watching a sunset when there are lots of clouds in the sky.... LOVE it.

This picture was taken on a very foggy afternoon.... I love seeing the sun through the fog --and also reflecting on the rocks outside of our cabin.

Here  is another good picture of the sun as it begins to set ---while peeking through the clouds!!!!  It was awesome to watch this while sitting on our back porch at the cabin.

Finally,  I saved the best 'til last.  At least,  it is MY favorite.  We drove to Sunset Point one evening for some pictures.  The sun went down behind the clouds --but all of a sudden,  the sunbeams just jumped out at us... Is this not awesome???? Wow!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our Arkansas visit photos.

P.S.   Did anyone see that tremendous Hallmark Movie on CBS last night,  entitled "Beyond the Blackboard"????  As a former teacher,  it made me proud to be in that profession.  Hope you saw it!!!