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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anthony Chapel at Garvin Woodland Gardens, Arkansas

I posted a blog on this subject in 2009---so some of you might remember it.  However,  I have many different bloggers now than I did in 2009.  SO--I'm going to show it to you again with pictures taken from our last trip to Arkansas the end of March, 2011.

On our way to Mt. Nebo,  we took a side trip and stopped at Garvin Woodland Gardens.  If you missed seeing that blog and all of the beautiful flowers there,  click HERE.  The Anthony Chapel is next door to the gardens.  This gorgeous little chapel was designed by Fayettesville architects Maurice Jennings and David McKee.  The 5.8 million dollar chapel complex was funded entirely through private donations.  Begun in September of 2004,  the chapel was dedicated on Sept. 30,  2006.  It was named after benefactors,  John Ed and Isabel Anthony.  The chapel sits on a hillside overlooking Lake Hamilton.  As part of the complex,  there also are Bride's quarters,  Groom's quarters,  and a beautiful carillon.

An elegant blend of native wood,  glass and stone,  the 160 seat chapel is a serene sanctuary where visitors to the gardens can pause to meditate and have their spirits renewed.  I sat there and wondered how many weddings have taken place at this chapel.... I also thought how wonderful it would be to have been married there.  This is one of the prettiest chapels I have ever seen.  Pictured above is a photo of the chapel as we approached the door.

This was taken from inside the chapel looking toward the altar.  The dimensions:  138' long and 57' high. There are 9860 square feet of glass walls, and they used 4800 square feet of stone walls.

As  I sat and meditated inside the chapel,  I took my camera and pointed it straight up at the ceiling.... Amazing, huh?  There are 1230 square feet of glass skylights.

Here is a picture of the altar area. There were 126 tons of flagstone used in the floors and sidewalks.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of the chapel, taken from the altar --looking toward the door where we entered, at the back of the chapel.  There are 11,000 square feet of roof area,  and 65,500 square feet of structural lumber.

This is the Anthony Family Carillon.  It is the newest addition to the Gardens.  Composed of sixteen,  54 feet tall steel columns clad in copper,  the lofty bell tower welcomes visitors to the chapel.  The Carillon is played for weddings, memorials and other special events.

Finally,  here is a picture of the chapel from a distance.  It is very secluded and can barely be seen --even in winter when the leaves are not on the trees yet.

If you want more information about the Anthony Chapel,  you can google:  "Anthony Chapel,  Hot Springs, Arkansas".

Many of you know by now that my sweet little mother-in-law died yesterday morning, June 6.  Mom Katherine (Kay) Adams was 91 ---and she and Dad (who is almost 99) recently celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary.

Mom died peacefully at home ---and now she is displaying her gorgeous SMILE in heaven above.  George did a tribute yesterday on his blog.  Click HERE  to read his post if you didn't see it yesterday.  The funeral will be Wednesday in Hendersonville, TN.

I apologize to all blog friends for not visiting your blogs this week.  I luckily had/have all of my blogs ready to publish for the remainder of this week.  I'll catch back up with you and your posts as soon as possible, although we are also getting ready for a HUGE 3 week trip. Please don't give up on us!

Have a wonderful day,  and give those whom you love, a HUGE HUG today!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Interesting Sky Pictures from Arkansas

On our recent trip to Mt. Nebo, Arkansas  (click HERE for more pictures from that trip),  we have talked about the weather that week ALOT.... ha....  Anyhow--every single time we go to Mt. Nebo,  we love to take both sunrise and sunset pictures... This year was a huge challenge...   BUT--as things always seem to work out for us,  we did manage to get some very interesting and 'different' pictures this year. Hope you enjoy some of our 'sky' pictures from Arkansas.

Above is probably the closest thing to a SUNRISE we saw all week.  A couple of mornings, we didn't even try since it was so cloudy.  BUT --two other mornings we got up early to see the sunrise at Sunrise Point,  but the fog and clouds definitely got in our way!!!!

This beautiful picture of the fog (mist) in the valley below was gorgeous --as we sat there at Sunrise Point waiting to see the sun!!!   You can see some lights in the valley --but what I loved was seeing all of the fog.

Here is one last picture taken from Sunrise Point --showing the fog in the valley,  and the pretty morning color in the sky.

We had a little better luck with getting some SUNSET pictures than we did sunrise.    From our cabin,  here is the beginning of a very pretty sunset.

I love this picture, also taken from the cabin.  There is always something special while watching a sunset when there are lots of clouds in the sky.... LOVE it.

This picture was taken on a very foggy afternoon.... I love seeing the sun through the fog --and also reflecting on the rocks outside of our cabin.

Here  is another good picture of the sun as it begins to set ---while peeking through the clouds!!!!  It was awesome to watch this while sitting on our back porch at the cabin.

Finally,  I saved the best 'til last.  At least,  it is MY favorite.  We drove to Sunset Point one evening for some pictures.  The sun went down behind the clouds --but all of a sudden,  the sunbeams just jumped out at us... Is this not awesome???? Wow!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our Arkansas visit photos.

P.S.   Did anyone see that tremendous Hallmark Movie on CBS last night,  entitled "Beyond the Blackboard"????  As a former teacher,  it made me proud to be in that profession.  Hope you saw it!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birds at Mt. Nebo--Part II

Last week,  I showed you Part I of the birds I enjoyed while at Mt. Nebo in Arkansas the week of March 28.  If you missed that post,  click  HERE.  Today,  I'll share another group of birds I saw ---and enjoyed feeding while we were there... Above is a winter favorite of mine,  the DARK-EYED JUNCO.  Below are more.

As I said last week,  we had an abundance of CROWS around.  Here is a picture of one of them snatching a sunflower seed.

Here's a pretty bird,  but one which can be a nuisance to other birds.  This is a BLUE JAY.  Speaking of Blue Jays,  ours here in the Glade leave us during the winter --but come back from Spring until late Fall.  On Saturday,  April 9,  the Blue Jays were BACK at my home --and the feeders!!!!  They are very noisy birds!

I love these little birds since we have them at home.  These are the CAROLINA CHICKADEES.   They 'pal' around with the Tufted Titmice and the White-breasted Nuthatches...

And here is the other one of that 'trio' listed above.  This is the WHITE-BREASTED  NUTHATCH.   These little guys can be found hanging upside down on trees some of the time!!!!!  They also make the cutest little 'chatter' sound.

I kept watching the TURKEY VULTURES,  as they circled around  and around.  The picture above shows the huge wingspan of these big birds.

Finally,  here is another picture of the Turkey Vultures --after landing on one of the rocks near the edge of the mountain.

Hope you enjoyed my Arkansas Birds...  I think I saw about 13 different varieties of birds during the time we were there.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FOG on Mt. Nebo

I have mentioned in all of my recent blogs about our trip to Mt. Nebo, Arkansas and all of the clouds, rain, and FOG (or mist, as some people call it) we had while there.  Today, I'll share with you some pictures taken from our cabin on a foggy day in Arkansas.  The picture above was taken from the back porch --looking toward the left.  Can you see the valley below????? ha ha

Here's  a picture taken from the back porch looking the other direction (to the right).

This  picture was also taken from the back---looking straight ahead....  Now---look at the next picture---and see what is different!!!

OH MY----what could it be????  A deer in our 'back yard'... Guess he thought we couldn't see him due to the fog!!!!!  Ya think???

There's not much of a view of the valley below, is there???

There were LOTS of deer grazing in our side yard.  Bet they loved the fog --since they felt as if nobody could see them!!!!

Here's one more of the deer near our cabin on that foggy afternoon.  I love the one on the right since he was playing Peekabo with me!!!!!! ha

Finally,  the sky is TRYING hard to clear.  I'm sure that it did that just so that we could see a beautiful sunset  on our last day at Mt. Nebo... Isn't the sky just gorgeous?????

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mt. Nebo BIRDS

As I mentioned in this post (click HERE),   I took my birdseed with me to Arkansas (like any good birder would do, don't you think???? ha)...  Anyhow,  since we were at the cabin so much that week (due to the weather),  I had so much fun watching the birds.    I sprinkled the Black Sunflower Seed all along the rock wall on the back patio,  and even put some up on the porch for a closer view.  I had to sit inside behind a semi-clean window and a screen---so the pictures aren't the best.  BUT ---I hope you enjoy seeing some of them today.

Most of the birds were the same ones we have at home with one exception.  The bird above is a 'lifer' for me,  a WHITE -THROATED SPARROW.. Below are more!!!!

The NORTHERN FLICKERS were in the grass --and since I didn't take any suet,  they didn't come very near to the patio... This picture shows one of the FIVE which were out there.

RED-BELLIED WOODPECKERS will eat sunflower seed.  SO this gal did come down to the rock wall for a bite!!!! (NOTE that she is a female since her red head doesn't go all of the way to her face.)

This is a cute picture of one of my favorite little active birds,  the TUFTED TITMOUSE.  There were lots and lots of them in Arkansas.  He was one of the little birds that came closer ---on the porch itself.

There were an abundance of CROWS on the mountain in Arkansas.  We have many of them here also--but they do not come anywhere near our feeders... BUT--in Arkansas,  they would have gobbled all of the seed if I would have let them.. I kept having to knock on the window to get them to LEAVE, so that the little birds had some food!!!!

You get a pretty good view in this picture of the valley below...

There were some gorgeous AMERICAN CARDINALS around that week also.  Here is a picture of one of the beautiful males.

Finally,  these birds are HUGE ---and there are LOTS of them around the edge of the mountain top...  One can see them flying in their circles out over the valley.  They will land on the rocks on the side of the mountain...  Luckily,  I got the above picture of these TURKEY VULTURES  (I call them buzzards) resting on the rocks near the edge,  not too far from the cabin. I don't quite see the beauty in these birds!!!!! ha (Sorry about that!)

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the birds we saw while in Arkansas.  I have one more post which I will do sometime in the future...

Have a blessed day --and remember to FEED the birds!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Garvan Woodland Gardens, Arkansas

The first day of our vacation was spent visiting Garvan Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs, AR.   One reason we waited until the end of March to make our annual trip to Arkansas was because we wanted to visit Garvan when the tulips were blooming.  WELL--we made it,  but glad we went when we did, since the tulips were almost at the end of their blooming period...

The last time we went to Garvan was March 9, 2009.  At that time,  the Daffodils,  Hyacinths, and Pansies were blooming.  This time,  the Tulips, Azaleas and Camellias were blooming. But overall,  the gardens were not as pretty as they were 2 years ago.  We didn't realize that Arkansas has been in a drought this year--and we could tell it.  BUT---the gardens are still pretty.  If you want to learn more about these beautiful gardens,  click HERE.   Hope you enjoy some of our pictures..

This shows just SOME of their rows and rows of Tulips.  They have a total of about 100,000 tulips during the 'tulip-blooming season'.  These were awesome,  and I also loved that beautiful red Azalea bush.

I loved this white Camellia blossom.  There were also red ones and pink ones --but somehow,  this white one captured my attention.

Someone will have to help me identify this gorgeous bush --with red leaves.  There were several around the gardens --and they were beautiful.

I love this photo of more of the Tulips.  We walked and walked around all of the paths taking a kagillion pictures!!!!!!  ha ha.... You just had to BE there to get the full effect!!!

Garvan Gardens is laid out with several waterfalls throughout the area.   You know how much George and I love WATERFALLS... We are certainly glad we got to see some on this particular day ---since we didn't see any the remainder of the week (due to the weather ---and the drought)... Speaking of the weather and drought,  I guess we should be happy for the people of Arkansas since they needed the rain they had while we were there.   We were glad to bring it to them... ha ha

I'll publish some more pictures from Garvan Gardens in another post...

Hope you have a wonderful day! I'm still enjoying the eagle births.. The 3rd eaglet finally hatched last night... Check HERE.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little Piece of Heaven!!!

This past week,  George and I enjoyed several days at our favorite mountain cabin in Arkansas,  at Mt. Nebo.  This was the first year we have gone this late in March--and we did have an entirely different experience from other years..  First of all,  the weather didn't cooperate at all,  since we had cold rain and lots of fog and clouds most of the week.  But,   as we always do,  we make the best of a 'different' situation ---and of course managed to have a wonderful week.

The disadvantage of this kind of weather was the lack of very many beautiful sunrises and sunsets (which we love when we are there)... The advantage was that we got some gorgeous FOG shots!!!!!! ha

Luckily,  we took this set of pictures (except for the first one) the very first afternoon we were there.   That was our only clear day all week.    I apologize to my long-time followers --since I have posted MANY Mt. Nebo pictures through the years (since this is our 7th trip there --since 2006).  You will know this special place WELL.....

Below is our mountain cabin --which sits on the top of the mountain, with a great view of the valley below.  This little cabin has one bedroom,  one bath,  a small kitchen and a living area with a GREAT fireplace (which we used constantly).

Above is a picture we took on our LAST morning there.. George put up the tripod and we sat outside in the drizzling RAIN to have our pictures made.... ha ha.....  We did like the view of the fog in the valley below though.

This  picture was taken from the front side looking at our cabin,  with the edge of the cliff in the back.  The bedroom is on this end of the cabin.

This shows the back side of the cabin.  There is a wonderful back porch and a patio area with grill and picnic table.

This picture was taken from the 'other' side of the cabin.   The kitchen is on the front and the living room area faces the back.  The cabins/houses are not close together --which makes for some great privacy!

You can see the porch and patio from here.  Because of the weather,  we didn't get to sit outside very much this trip,  but,  since I always take birdseed with me when we travel (like all good birders do--ha ha),  I made friends with LOTS of birds this past week.  I would sprinkle bird seed along the rock edges and on the concrete patio floor...    It didn't take long for all of the birds to come and visit!!!!!!

This  is a picture of the rocks on the edge of the mountain --with a view of some of the valley below.  The town below us is Dardanelle.   There are several hiking trips in this area.

While we were there, there were LOTS of Turkey Vultures in this area--and they would land on these rocks to rest.  I got a few pictures of the big birds which I will share in future posts.

Here is a view from our back porch. You can see the valley below.  This truly is a 'piece of Heaven' to George and me.  Whether it is sunny, cloudy, snowy, ICY (which it was one year while there),  rainy or foggy--we love it!!!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful week... I will begin to catch up with your blogs soon.