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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All Fixed!!

If you saw my blog a few days ago, you know that our recent flood washed out part of our new wall... BUT---thanks to my HERO (my hubby), this Flowerbed Wall out front is all fixed (well, almost)... He started at the bottom and found some big flat rocks to fill in where the dirt had washed out under the wall in that one area. Then he realized that he had to take down the top part of the wall in order to get it all back in properly and evenly.... Above is a picture of the new WALL --right after it was completed, in September, 2009. Below are more pictures taken on a cold, snowy day in Fairfield Glade yesterday!!!!

George is working on the bottom part--to make the wall sturdy, AND he is taking off the blocks from the top--to fit them back in properly.

It's all taken apart now!!!! Hope the wind doesn't blow too hard today---or the entire wall could come down!!!!!! Yipes!

There it is----all ready to rebuild!!!!!

Well---Lookie there!!!! He did it!!!! The wall is FIXED!!! IF you look carefully at this picture (you may have to enlarge it more), you can see some white streaks.. Those are the snow flurries we had coming down ALL day!

Except for the shovel sitting there and a few rocks, the Flowerbed Wall is finished. HOWEVER, alot of dirt washed out all along the side of the entire wall--so George is going to work on that soon, by rocking and concreting all along the bottom. AND--he'll move the water flow farther away from the wall... Hopefully, we won't have THAT much water coming down the hill for a long time. BUT--if so, we'll be ready.

Isn't it amazing the difference in this picture (taken today-during Winter) and the first picture at the top (taken in late Summer)?????? WOW---looks like a different place entirely!! As much as I enjoy Winter, it is not a pretty time of year here!

Here's one last picture for you today... While George was out front working on the wall, I was busy taking pictures. When I went back inside, some of our Bluebirds were busy on the deck having some lunch. Here are three of them.. Two are enjoy suet and the other one is on the plate above-- very patiently waiting for a turn!!!! (That little thing on the top left is a seed bell covered with peanut butter.)

Hope you have a wonderful day. We are headed to Hendersonville today (instead of Friday) to check on George's parents. Our weather is supposed to get 'rough' (rain/ice/snow) on Thursday and Friday--so we will make this trip today!!!!