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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Birdbath Story

I have a story to tell you today... Actually it's a story in pictures!!!! I published this story on my old blog on 9/23/08 --but since most of you haven't read that blog, I decided to publish it again. I apologize for the blurriness of the pictures. I was standing inside my house --taking pictures from a distance. My little digital camera doesn't have a very good zoom---so I just do the best I can. But---you'll get the idea I'm sure!!!

A male Cardinal was taking a nice bath in the birdbath when a male Mourning Dove landed on the side of the bath. He was calmly waiting until the Cardinal finished his bath. The Cardinal wasn't bothered in the least bit ---and took a long time enjoying the water. In the meantime a female Mourning Dove was flying around nearby. When the Cardinal finally decided to leave, that female Mourning Dove landed on the birdbath. I could almost hear the male saying, "Honey, Let's get in the bath TOGETHER." AND---guess what???? They did!!!!!

Pictured above is the Cardinal doing his bathing--and the Mourning Dove landing on the side of the birdbath. Below are four more pictures. Hope you enjoy my story in pictures!!!! (This birding is WONDERFUL!)

Above, the male Mourning Dove sits calmly on the side of the birdbath---just waiting while the Cardinal splashes the water and takes a wonderful bath! The Cardinal is in NO hurry!!!

The male Cardinal is finally leaving the bath... See the female Mourning Dove on the right--getting ready to fly onto the birdbath??

The female Mourning Dove finally lands on the birdbath... I'm sure the male is saying, "Let's take a bath together!"

Finally, the two Mourning Doves are in the bath TOGETHER--making hanky-panky I'm sure. I'll leave that to your imagination--since this is not an R-rated blog. HA HA... OKAY--this is the END of my little story!!!! Did you enjoy it?????