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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Birdbath Story

I have a story to tell you today... Actually it's a story in pictures!!!! I published this story on my old blog on 9/23/08 --but since most of you haven't read that blog, I decided to publish it again. I apologize for the blurriness of the pictures. I was standing inside my house --taking pictures from a distance. My little digital camera doesn't have a very good zoom---so I just do the best I can. But---you'll get the idea I'm sure!!!

A male Cardinal was taking a nice bath in the birdbath when a male Mourning Dove landed on the side of the bath. He was calmly waiting until the Cardinal finished his bath. The Cardinal wasn't bothered in the least bit ---and took a long time enjoying the water. In the meantime a female Mourning Dove was flying around nearby. When the Cardinal finally decided to leave, that female Mourning Dove landed on the birdbath. I could almost hear the male saying, "Honey, Let's get in the bath TOGETHER." AND---guess what???? They did!!!!!

Pictured above is the Cardinal doing his bathing--and the Mourning Dove landing on the side of the birdbath. Below are four more pictures. Hope you enjoy my story in pictures!!!! (This birding is WONDERFUL!)

Above, the male Mourning Dove sits calmly on the side of the birdbath---just waiting while the Cardinal splashes the water and takes a wonderful bath! The Cardinal is in NO hurry!!!

The male Cardinal is finally leaving the bath... See the female Mourning Dove on the right--getting ready to fly onto the birdbath??

The female Mourning Dove finally lands on the birdbath... I'm sure the male is saying, "Let's take a bath together!"

Finally, the two Mourning Doves are in the bath TOGETHER--making hanky-panky I'm sure. I'll leave that to your imagination--since this is not an R-rated blog. HA HA... OKAY--this is the END of my little story!!!! Did you enjoy it?????


Kallen305 said...

HA! Great story...I love happy endings!

I can't wait until the day I can see the birds taking baths again. That is my favorite things birds so. I like to wacth them feed, but I love to watch them bathe because you can see how much they enjoy it. Plus it's fun to watch them taking turns.

Smilingsal said...

lol I loved this story! Thanks.

Jayne said...

Those doves are some randy dudes, aren't they? :c) I get so tickled watching the females constantly running away from an overly amorous male!

Neal said...

Probably newlyweds. :) Great story!

fishing guy said...

Betsy: Now that was a pretty spicy story with some dual bathing. Good thing the bath was large enough. LOL

Cedar ... said...

That is tooo funny! I loved your story. I think birds are such fun to watch.

Tina said...

Betsy, I remember these photos and those doves were comical! I think you had a fun time filming these bathing birdies, it is fun to catch birds in the bird bath actually taking a bath..most of the time I just see them getting a drink! Great story!

Judy said...

I loved your story with pictures! So cute, and the pictures are great.

It really does add somthing when we put a picture with the story. :)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That is so funny.Leave them alone for awhile.the may want some privacy.:)

Anonymous said...

Very cute story. Mourning Doves tickle me because they look so heavy - I can just imagine the plop-plop when they both landed in the water. I'm surprised all the water didn't run over the sides of the bird bath!

Diane said...

I miss the cooing of the mourning doves in the wintertime. They're such a beautiful, elegant bird. Thanks for the very nice story.

Busy Bee Suz said...

that is so cute.
Might I suggest that after those two are "done" that you change out the water? :) ha ha.
Thanks for sharing!!!

Shellmo said...

Betsy- I enjoyed your "R" rated birdbath story!! Very cute! Hope they didn't poop in it - ha,ha!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a super story and great photos........

Gill in Canada

Daisy said...

Oh my! (blushing)

Betsy, I never expected to see two lovers taking a bath together on your blog!!! I'M SHOCKED! That ought to be kept private don't you think?

ha ha! ;)

Very cute story!

The Incredible Woody said...

I love mourning doves - there call sounds so sad, so forlorn..

Darla said...

You are too funny!! Thanks for asking about us, we are determined to make light penetrate darkness!!

Dianne said...

Oh my gosh...I love it! The last shot of them in the bath together is priceless! I also have a bird bath but Narrow Dog keeps chasing them away.

To answer your question, I've been "back" in Arizona for one year. This was originally home for us but Businessman's work has moved us all over the place! This is where we'll retire together someday.

Deborah Godin said...

This story was not to be missed - glad you re-posted. Those birds were sure up to something. Guess that's why we call it "the birds and bees"!!

Rosa said...

Our Titan's loss! Boo hiss!!

Mary said...

LOL! Good story Betsy, and you better watch all the hanky panky in the bird bath or they might have to rate your blog "R"...:-)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Kallen-- I thought it was cute!!! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes---I miss the birdbath in winter. I don't have a heated one--so mine is put away 'til spring. I do keep a pan of water on the deck for them--but it's mostly for the little birds.

Sally--Glad you enjoyed my little story!

Jayne-- That male was pumped up --so proud of himself. I could just hear him 'cooing' for his love to come and take a bath with him. HA

Neal---Well, I hope they aren't living in SIN!!! ha ha

Tom--Yes, those big doves do take up alot of room in the bath... AND--they can really splash. Of course the Cardinals can splash also!!!!

Cedar---Yes, the birds are always fun to watch. I was sitting on my 'throne' this morning and watching about 30 or 40 birds outside taking turns at the feeders. Many of them were our gang of siskins. BUT--the other birds enjoyed their turns also (tufted, chickadees, nuthatches, goldfinch, carolina wren, cardinals , downy, and Pete--our resident Red-bellied).

Tina---I knew you had seen this story. That was my beginnings of adding bloggers to my lists. You and Dave were my FIRST. Don't you feel special???? You ARE!

Judy-- Yes, the pictures do tell the real story. You must live in a beautiful place in FL. Sorry to hear about your RA and other situations.

Ruth--I'm sure they would have appreciated some privacy. But--there's that ole woman with her camera again!!!!! ha

Mildred---Yes, those birds are puffy.. They do splash alot--but then again, so do the cardinals.. Keeps me hopping keeping fresh water in the birdbath. Can't wait to get it back out again in spring.

Diane--I love that 'cooing' also...I always know when a Mourning Dove is around. Their coo's do sound like 'mourning' song!!!!

Ha Suzanne... Great idea!!!! It's just no tellin' what was in that water!!!! ha ha ha

Shelley--- Ha---I wonder with all that excitement they were having --WHAT was going to be in that bath!!! Got some gloves? Or a net???? ha ha ha

Gill--- It's just so much fun watching the birdies... One never knows what she'll see!!!! ha ha

Daisy--Sorry I (they) embarrassed you. They did want their privacy I'm sure--but some old woman kept taking pictures!!!! ha ha

Woody--- Do you suppose that is why they are called "Mourning" Doves???? ha ha... Loved your blog today by the way!!!! Big Cabin in the Mountains, huh???? ha

Darla---Glad you are making forward progress now... But--give yourself time to grieve and be sad also. That's healthy---and helps the healing.

Thanks Dianne... I knew that you were in Arizona --or at least had it written down. Hope you DO make it back to good ole' TN one of these days!!!! I'm sure that Narrow Dog does his best to keep those ole' birds off of his property.

Cute Deb----You are right.... It's hard to know what could be going on in that birdbath... HA HA.... This time though it's the Bird and the Bird!!!! ha

Rosa---I was SO sad... This was their year. They should have won and could have won IF they hadn't have made so many penalties and so many mistakes. I guess they just didn't want it enough. DARN!!!

Mary---Glad you enjoyed my little story...OH--how we love our birdies!!!! ha

Jackie said...

Cute story! My daughter and granddaughter are obsessed with bird houses and we must have at least ten hanging in various trees behind our house on the edge of the woods. I suspect there are more than birds eating the food about this time of year, though, lol, as birds don't leave hoove or paw prints!

karin said...

Love your story and your blog. Thanks for visiting mine! We've lived in KY for a year and half and maybe someday we'll be able to visit TN!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Jackie for visiting my blog. I just checked out yours. Hope you come back!!!! I'll keep checking yours.

Karin--I thought you were in Canada. OH--maybe you USED to live in KY for a year and a half. Hope you do get to TN someday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the bathing bird story....

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Michelle... Isn't it amazing how much joy our birds bring us???? And to think---all they wanted was a tiny bit of privacy!!! ha