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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

After the Snow...

As photographers (even though we are far from professional),  George and I see alot more around us these days than we used to.... We just NOTICE life.... Isn't that just fabulous???? AND--there is beauty everywhere we look!!!!

Today's post contains some pictures we took while in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado on June 25.   You have seen pictures of the snow on the mountain tops which we saw --and which I LOVED... But--another thing fascinated us --and that was seeing the NEW GROWTH in areas where the snow had melted...

Can you imagine being totally covered up by snow for many months --and when you finally get uncovered,  you are able to perk-up, smile and start growing again?????  WELL---that is what we saw in the Rockies!!!!   NEW GROWTH!!!!

Here are some pictures for you which we took while there---showing some of this new growth!!!!   Above is just a neat picture which George took --and I love it... Love how he framed it with that new growth!!!!  Below are more pictures which I took.

Finally,  here's another picture of one of the mountain ranges ---showing signs of growth, new life ---and GREEN popping out all over.

I think that we were totally in awe when it came to seeing the Rocky Mountains.  From all of the snow STILL on top  down to the green plants and shrubs growing where the snow had melted, we just stood there with our mouths open taking in the beauty.   Isn't LIFE just wonderful?????   God's beautiful world is just totally awesome --in so many, many ways---if we just take time to look.