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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Home at Christmas

Time is FLYING now --and, counting today, there are only 10 days left 'til Christmas... Goodness Gracious... where does time go????? I love to decorate --but don't like TOO many decorations... To me, a little goes a long way!!!! All of us have different tastes when it comes to decorating... I enjoy the old traditional reds and greens ---and don't use all white lights like many people do these days. I do have all white lights around our front door--but that is the only place.

I love the colored lights of Christmas. However, I do enjoy seeing others' decorations including all white-lights... I just love Christmas --and all of the 'memories'... I decorate using things from the past --and love it when we decorate the tree, talking about each ornament and where it came from and the story behind it. There are always so many wonderful memories!!!

Today I will share pictures taken outside this week--along with a couple of our Christmas tree inside. The picture above is the little tree I decorate and put on our front porch. It has lights, red bows and candy canes. Below are more.

This one was taken JUST before dark --of part of the front of our home. Note the two wreaths. We got one of them in 2008 and one this year. The one on the right is partially behind a limb from our Redbud tree--but you can get the idea of what they look like.

Here is the same picture after dark. There is a big red bow on the top of the window above the candles. It's hard to see at night. Around the front porch, we have white lights around the door frame, a hanging basket of Poinsettias, a wreath on the door (shown on a previous post), a holly doormat and the little candy cane lit tree.

I love sitting on my throne (reclining sofa) with a roaring fire in the fireplace enjoying the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music and sipping some hot cider... Life is GOOD! (Sorry about all of the tree light reflections on the TV and through the sliding door.)

We have hanging, lit garland all the way around our deck --with big red bows. I put these decorations on the INSIDE of the deck just for US to enjoy --since the golf course is behind us!!!

I love this picture George took from our back yard ---looking toward the deck and at our Christmas tree inside.

George's camera captured a good picture of our decorations out front. The ones to the left are lights and bows and candles in the garage windows. That is all of our outside decorations except for garland and big red bows on the lamppost and on the mailbox.

Here's one more picture inside of our home with no lights on (except for the tree lights and lights over the hearth) and a fire in the fireplace. I'm just glad that George didn't get a picture of me wrapped up in a blankie taking a little snooze!!!!! ha ha

Are you READY for Christmas???? I want these last 10 days to go slowly--so that I can keep relaxing and enjoying this glorious season.