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Monday, March 25, 2013

Early Spring Blooms in our Yard

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WELL--We certainly haven't had much Spring this year so far.   We did NOT have a severe winter this year though, and had very little snow.  But it has been a wet, rainy winter.  Because it never did get very cold or stay cold for awhile,  and because of the rains,  the forecasters are warning us that this summer will be one filled with lots of BUGS.    I've got one word to say about that:  YUK.

Because of the mild winter,  we thought that we were going to have an early spring.  However,  March has remained quite cool overall even though we did have a few warmer days.  Because the temperature has fluctuated so much this month,  our spring flowers have struggled.

We do have a few things blooming so far in our yard so I thought I'd show them to you today.  Above is one of our sweet little PANSIES.   As I've mentioned before,  we plant our Pansies in late Fall  to give us a little color through the drab winter.  Since this winter has been mild,  the Pansies have done quite well... Once it gets a little warmer,  they will all perk up and bloom like crazy.  Pansies are such nice little flowers to have in the yard.

Be sure to click on all photos for enlargements.

Our DAFFODILS are just getting started.  We have a variety of different ones which I will continue to show as they bloom.

The PERIWINKLE (our ground cover) is just getting started.   We have it in many places around our yard --and we love the little blue flowers in the Spring.

Our HYACINTHS are blooming ---but this weather (going back and forth from warm to cold) is not good for them.  SO--none of them are are pretty as they should be, but this little guy is trying to show off.

The CROCUS plants  are always one of the first little flowers to bloom in the Spring.  I love these little guys!!!

Here is another HYACINTH blossom.  I like the little individual blooms ---and I also like the two-tone color.

This little CROCUS plant was given to us by George's Daddy when we first moved here.  I love the deep purple color.

Here's one more HYACINTH blossom.  I like this 'hot' pink color also.   We have some purple Hyacinths --but they haven't bloomed much yet.   I hope I can get a picture of them soon.

Finally,  here is a collage of four more of our DAFFODIL varieties... You can notice how different some of them are from others.   I guess, of all of the early spring bloomers,  DAFFODILS are my favorites,  especially since we have so many different varieties.

If you want to see more pictures of the different varieties of Daffodils in our yard from previous years,  click HERE.   They are pictured individually --and their NAMES are included.  Check it out if you have time.  There are two blog posts (one following the other) showing them.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the few EARLY Spring flowers in our yard... I was shocked recently when I looked back at pictures of our yard at this time last year... Holy Cow---everything was green and everything was blooming...  This year,  because of the colder March,  things are very very late... SO----I'm sure I will be posting much more in the upcoming weeks of all of our beauties...  At least,  I HOPE I will.

Hope you have a wonderful day.   NOTE:  I wrote this blog post several days ago.  Since I wrote it,  more winter weather is coming to our area.  We got more snow last night, and more is coming  today and tomorrow, and it is windy and very very COLD.   Can you believe it?  That's why more of our flowers haven't bloomed yet... Someone said that we might just go from winter to summer this year.  I hope not since Spring is one of my favorite seasons.

Added:  10 a.m. today (3/25/13).... See what we have now???? GADS...
 This is that same pretty Daffodil listed above near the top...... Poor thing!!!

The Hyacinths do NOT like this at all... Neither do I.. Where is Spring?

The Daffodils are all PRAYING for Spring!!!! ha