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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Daffodils --Part II

If you missed yesterday's post, click HERE. Today, I'll show you six more of this year's Daffodils in our yard. Above is a neat little pastel Daffodil called EASTER BONNET. Below are more.

Love this reddish trumpet; This is DECOY.

We think this one is COPPER QUEEN because of where it is in our flowerbed... BUT--it's not exactly the color that it's supposed to be. Don't know if our soil may have changed the color --but the 'real' Copper Queen is supposed to be more orange--all over... Who knows!!!!

This one is similar to Decoy, except the trumpet is more of an apricot color. This Daffodil is new this year and her name is MON CHERIE.


This one is named TAHITI. It is similar to Replete (in yesterday's post) --except the color is different. Isn't it pretty??

Hope you enjoyed seeing our Daffodils. There are two more which have not bloomed yet (Romance and Pink Radiance). IF they bloom, I'll show them at another time.

If you liked the Daffodils, I'll bet you will enjoy seeing our Tulips also..... Of course that will be another post.


Monday, April 12, 2010

So Many Daffodils

So far, we have 13 different varieties of DAFFODILS in our yard this year. I wanted to show you a close-up of each variety ---so George used his macro lens and took some great photos for us. Hope you enjoy our Daff's.... I'll show 7 today and 6 tomorrow. Above is one called BRECK'S COLOSSAL. Below are more!

This beauty is one of our new Daffodils this year named PINK CHARM.


REPLETE (1995 Daffodil of the Year)

Another new one this year: ACCENT



Hope you like our Daffodils... There are so many different varieties out there ---and you know me!!! I want them ALL!!!! ha ..... I'll show you more tomorrow.

Hope you had a great weekend. We certainly did---and we love this Spring weather!!!!