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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beauty in the North Georgia Mountains

George and I are home, after a FABULOUS three days in the mountains near Dillard, GA. The weather was perfect---although a little (a lot) hot (especially while hiking UP a mountain--pant pant)... We saw about 14 new waterfalls, and enjoyed seeing Tallulah Gorge for the first time. We stayed at our favorite motel (Holiday Inn Express) and had dinner on Tuesday night (to celebrate our anniversary) at the famous Dillard House.

Today, I'll just give you a 'taste' of our short vacation. Above is our picture at my personal favorite waterfall of the week, PANTHER FALLS. which is found in the Lake Rabun area west of Clayton, GA. The picture above of us was taken at Panther Falls. One thing which makes waterfalls very special is when nobody else is around --and we have the waterfall totally to ourselves. Talk about feeling God's presence all around!!! WOW! More pictures are below---with many many more to come on another day!!! Remember to click on each picture to make them larger. The waterfall ones are just so pretty!!!

Here is another picture of PANTHER FALLS. I sat on a big rock at the base of the waterfall and sang and prayed and just sat and listened to the roaring water for awhile --while George checked out the waterfall above this one.

George hiked even farther up the mountain above Panther Falls, and found this beauty, ANGEL FALLS.

We saw this waterfall in 2005, but since it was in the same area as Panther and Angel Falls, George wanted to check it out again. You may have heard of this one, MINNEHAHA FALLS---since it is more popular than Panther and Angel Falls. It is larger and had more water this time than when we were there in 2002. (Here's an aside: You should have heard our GSP lady pronounce Minnehaha!!!!! FUNNY!)

On Monday, when we got to the Dillard area, we drove south to Clayton and drove east on Warwoman Road (where there are several waterfalls). Two that we enjoyed are HOLCOMB CREEK FALLS and Ammons Creek Falls. The one above is Holcomb Creek Falls. This hike was EASY ---going in, but HARD (for me) going out, since it was UP, UP, UP the entire way out.... Mercy Percy!!!! ha

This is AMMONS CREEK FALLS ---which is not far from Holcomb Creek Falls.

This is Tallulah Gorge from one of the six overlooks on the North Rim. There are six waterfalls in this gorge--and we got pictures of all of them, although some are from a distance. We highly recommend the visit to this gorge if you are ever in North Georgia. It is off of Highway 441 --south of Clayton.

Here is one of the waterfalls in Tallulah Gorge. This one is named L'Eau d'Or (French words meaning Water of Gold).

After some great exercise, we went to the Dillard House for an ENORMOUS dinner... I will devote an entire blog to this place and our delicious dinner... AMAZING!!!!!! They serve family style ---and there is so much food that we brought enough home for at least one more meal, maybe more. Besides Tullaluh Gorge, we recommend this place also!!!!

Much more to come ---and be sure to check out
GEORGE'S BLOG for more information about our wonderful Anniversary trip.

Hope you are having a great week.