Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to MAY!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful IRISES from our yard. Meet "Goodnight Kiss"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Little Angels

Well -----I guess, if truth be told, I have LOTS of ANGELS in my life.... First, there's my Sweetheart hubby (who is the most important angel in my life). Then there's my kids and grandkids, all of my friends--including YOU, and of course, my special little backyard birds. But today, I'm featuring more of my angels----our PANSIES.

Do you like Pansies? We do ---and they love our climate here. We buy them in late Fall--to give us some color in the yard --which will last most years through winter. AND-they will bloom all spring --and won't die until it gets too hot in July.

This past winter, we had some bitter temperatures here ---so we thought for sure we lost our Pansies. BUT--those little guys have come back and are showing off like crazy right now. We have them in our three round beds in the front yard where we also have Daffodils and Lilies. Once the Pansies die out, we put Impatiens and Vinca in their places (Impatiens in the 2 shady beds and Vinca in the sunny bed).

Why do I call them 'angels'???? WELL---it's because there is an angle design in many of them.... You can see for yourself in our pictures. Above is one of our 3 round flowerbeds. This one is the 'sunny' one ---and in this picture, you can see the Tahiti and Replete Daffodils which so many of you said that you liked. You can also see the beginning of our lilies ---and also the little Pansies dotted around in the bed. Below are some close-ups of my 'angels'. Thanks to George and his macro lens for these.

Now---aren't they just SWEET???? Sometimes I think the Pansies are smiling at me... They are similar to each other---and yet quite different, one from another. Do you like the plain yellow one????? The orange one looks like a kitty face instead of an angel. Can you see it???? Maybe it's a "Kitty Angel"... ha

Hope you have a wonderful day. I spent the past couple of days 'power-washing' our deck and deck furniture. SO---if I am behind on comments, please forgive me. I'll catch up SOMEDAY!!!! ha.....

OH---we now have a Chickadee egg in our Bluebird Nestbox. SO---I guess it's the Chickadee Nestbox for now. That egg is teeny tiny --about the size of the tip of my pinky finger. SO---I'm gonna be a Grammy again---even if they aren't Bluebirds.