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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ozone Falls near Crab Orchard, TN

Our area here in Tennessee 'had' been in a two-year drought until recently. The past 48 hours have brought us rain-rain-rain. It's the most rain we've seen at one time since moving here in 2003. WELL---can you just imagine what happens when we get alot of rain??? George and I get a 'hankering' to get out and see some waterfalls!!! SO-- yesterday we took off to check out a nearby waterfall, which we have seen several times before, called Ozone Falls.

Thanks to all of our rain, this waterfall had more water this time than we've ever seen. We were THRILLED to be there even on a cold, windy day --when it was flurrying a tiny bit!!!! GEORGE is blogging about our adventure also--so be sure and check out his blog. He is excited because he found Lower Ozone Falls --which we had never seen before. Because of all of the water--there were also several cascades below the falls. He was so excited to get some new pictures in this beautiful cove.

Today, I want to show you three pictures of Ozone Falls --taken by us at different times. The picture above is of Upper Ozone Falls taken yesterday. Gorgeous isn't it???

The picture above is also Ozone Falls, taken in May of 2002. You can see leaves on the trees--and you can also note that there's not nearly as much water coming over the falls then.

This picture of Ozone Falls was taken in February of 2007. We checked out the waterfall after some very cold, snowy and icy weather.. There were icicles and snow all over the place as we hiked down to the falls. Note the icicles along the top of the falls --and also the ice at the bottom near the pool. (All of that white area is ICE.) It was a VERY cold day when we were at Ozone then---but it was amazing to see all of the icicles.

SO--if you ever come to Tennessee, we'll take you and show Ozone Falls to you no matter what season!!! You are welcome here ANYTIME!