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Monday, June 15, 2020

A Day at Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee

Beautiful Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee 

Dear Friends,  George and I went on  another 'outing' ---thanks to Mark and Robin.   They came to pick us up on Sunday,  June 7, and  the four of us went to Fall Creek Falls State Park,   which is about an hour south of our home here.  What a marvelous day we had!!!!! 

We started out with a delicious Picnic Lunch (provided totally by Mark/Robin) --and then,  since Robin had never been to Fall Creek Falls,  we gave her a little tour.  We checked out cabins and the campground, for future trips there!!!!  We found that the park has made a lot of great changes in the past year  (such as the visitor center area) --but the lodge and restaurant won't be ready until about August, 2021.. 

We checked out the 'main' waterfall at the park,  Fall Creek Falls,  and we took the scenic drive along the gorge area.  We stopped at Buzzard Roost --and did some hiking to the rock overhangs along the gorge.  It was a HOT day (about mid-80's with added humidity) ---but that didn't stop us from enjoying the trails along that gorge edge....

Since Covid-19 'appeared',   George and I have done very little outside of our home.   SO-getting to do something like this is even more special to us.   Mark and Robin are SO SO SO very good to us.  

NOTE:  I'm struggling with the new Blogger format ---and  have not yet figured out how to move my pictures around to get them in order.   I hate bringing in one picture at a time--but will either have to do that next time,  OR get all of my pictures in the correct order BEFORE bringing them in.   Is this new Blogger Format supposed to be BETTER?????   Right now --until I learn more about it,  I do NOT think it is!!!

SO---hope you enjoy the pictures today --although they are NOT in the order I wanted to put them in...

A Happy Mom and her son, Mark, at Buzzard's Roost


Mark and Robin were on one overlook along the gorge ---and George and I were heading to another one..  Mark took this picture of me WAY up there!!!!  

Look how steep it is along the canyon!!!!!!

Mark and Robin fixed us a delicious picnic lunch!!!!

Lunch always tastes better on a Picnic!!!!  This lunch was FABULOUS...

Beautiful Fall Creek Falls,  the largest of about 6 different waterfalls in the park

Robin and Mark at Buzzard's Roost

One of several of the rock outcroppings along the gorge

My Sweetheart climbing around on the rocks on a gorgeous day in Tennessee!!!

Mark loved getting too close to the edge (says Mama)...  You'll have to ask him about that moment when a Buzzard flew right over his head and startled him!!!!!

Mark and Robin out on one of the big rock formations;  What great views from there!!!!

The old woman climbing on the rocks also...  (You must know that I couldn't let them have all of the fun!!)

Remember the picture above where I  was standing in the distance?   (Count back 11 pictures!)...  Anyhow that is where I was standing taking a picture of Mark/Robin at another overlook!!! He took a picture of me and I took a picture of him.... ha

My Sweetheart took this Panorama of our views from those rocks!!!!   What an awesome place --on an awesome day!!!!!!

The old woman was looking for a tiny bit of shade for a rest on a hot afternoon in Tennessee!!!!

Mark took this picture of Robin, me and George at the Fall Creek Falls Overlook!!!

Well----I'm not sure how all of this is going to come out,  but hopefully,  you'll be able to figure it out.   I love telling a story as I show pictures, but it's hard to do when the pictures are NOT in any kind of order....  I'll keep learning this new format as I have time to work on it... 

Regardless,  we did have a marvelous day!!!!  Thanks again to Mark and Robin for everything they do for us!!!!