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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Bird Ornaments

Yesterday, I showed you just a few of George's and my ornaments that we have given each other through the years. I saved my favorites until now to share with you... As most of you know, I am a fairly new 'birder'... We had hummingbirds first --and then the Bluebirds came and nested in our backyard. That SOLD me.... Since then, I have loved every minute of seeing and feeding our backyard birds.

SO---last Christmas, George surprised me with some gorgeous bird ornaments. He couldn't have given me anything that would have been more special to me. Today, I share my sweet little bird ornaments with you.

The picture above is the only bird ornament I had before last Christmas. George gave me a gorgeous GLASS hummingbird several years ago. The picture isn't great, since I put the hummingbird in front of a candle which caught some of the camera flash. But you can get the idea of what this fragile little hummer looks like. He is gorgeous. Below are the ones from last year.

This little birdie is my new hummingbird.. He is much larger than the little glass one above.

I love this ornament. It is a little bluebird house with bluebirds sitting around it. Isn't that just beautiful????

This beauty is another of my favorite backyard birds, the Cardinal. Isn't he gorgeous sitting in our tree?

George took all kinds of pictures of me while I opened these ornaments last Christmas... Can you tell how happy I was?????? (Just a little! ha)

Right above the Bluebird house is a beautiful Goldfinch. I have many, many Goldfinches this year ---so this little bird is another of my fav's. (Note another of our special ornaments which I didn't feature yesterday: the little lovey-dovey couple in the top right of the picture!!!)

This was one happy gal----looking at that Goldfinch, don't you think??? I still smile when I see the bird ornaments on our tree.

Finally, here's a picture showing three of the four bird ornaments: Goldfinch, Bluebirds and Cardinal. I hope you enjoyed seeing my 'birdie' ornaments!!!!

What is/are your very favorite ornament(s)?????


P.S. We drove to Hendersonville yesterday to see George's parents and take them out for an early Christmas Dinner at Mimi's Cafe. They are doing fine and will be with George's sister on Christmas Day. All of the family put a monetary gift to missions in their church in their honor for Christmas. Dad said that that gift made him so happy that he almost cried. God Bless this wonderful couple.