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Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

2014  Christmas
From our home to yours,  we wish each and everyone of you a Blessed and Joyful and Happy Christmas.  We have had another great year --and I will put together a summary of our life during 2015,  for you next week--as we begin another year!!!

My blogging has definitely taken a back seat this year,  and I will admit that I do miss it --and YOU.  But--I still am enjoying Facebook,  more than ever before.  I do love to blog --but I also love Facebook since it is much easier to stay current with friends and family.  If you are on Facebook and are not following me there,  I'd love to add you to my list...  AND--maybe in 2016--I'll do a better job with my blogging also!!

Here are some pictures through the years of George and me at various Christmases.  I posted a similar blog 2-3 years ago---but have some newer/other pictures to share... Hope you enjoy them!!!!!

2001---our FIRST Christmas together

Two Crazies having fun in 2004

2005 Christmas

2009 Christmas

In 2011---right after my horrible hernia surgery, and when I made the ultimate decision to get the weight off and KEEP it off;  (Four years later,  it's still working!)

Collage of pictures we took at Christmas in 2012

Oh---how we LOVE to have fun!!!!  Silly People for sure!

Christmas 2013

Being silly in 2014----right before my 2nd knee surgery on that stinkin' left knee!!!

One of my favorite pictures of us EVER....2012
My hope for you is that in 2016,  you will get out and enjoy life, laugh a lot, and have oodles of fun,  whatever you do and wherever you go...  AND---like us,  do everything you can to stay as healthy as possible.  God Bless You.

Merry Christmas!