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Monday, February 2, 2009

A Cutie Pie and a Special Gift

Look at that precious picture above. That little Carolina wren is just precious!!!! These little guys come to our feeders usually one at a time. There may be 40 Pine Siskins, some Goldfinch, some Chickadees, Tufted Titmice and Nuthatch--and of course a couple of Cardinals on our deck and at the feeders ---but here comes that cute little Carolina wren. He's not afraid of any of the other birds---and just wanders around eating anything and everything he can get in his mouth.
Carolina wrens are small but very vocal animals. Males are especially outgoing and are the only ones to produce songs. They employ one of the loudest songs per volume of birds. They are apt to sing anytime and any place they happen to be. Carolina wrens are usually found in pairs, and each pair stays on its home territory all year long. They are the official state bird of South Carolina.

Carolina wrens are monogamous, and breeding pairs may stay together for years. Females lay about four eggs and incubate them for two weeks while their mates bring them food. Both parents feed their chicks for an additional two weeks before they gain independence. A mating pair of Carolina wrens may have several broods each year. Above is another picture of this cute bird--on our deck.


On another note, I WON a giveaway from FIONA so I wanted to share it with you. If you know Fiona, she's a real 'book' person and reader. She reviews lots of books on her site, so check it out sometime. I received two books and a beautiful card from Fiona. Both books are by Karen Rose ("Die for Me" and "Scream for Me").. These are "hold-your-breath" suspense thrillers--so I'm anxious to dig into them!!! Thanks so much, Fiona. I've never won much of anything in my entire life--so this is special!