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Monday, January 6, 2020

Life is ALL about FAMILY

No White Christmas here this year,  but lots of LOVE
Dear Family and Friends,   Welcome to a new decade!!!!!!  Are you excited about 2020????  Do you have any big plans ahead????  We are gradually putting some trips on our calendar --so hopefully,  for George and me,  it will be another wonderful year together.

As hard as it is to find time these days to get people together,  George and I both managed to 'catch up'  with our families during the holidays.   We spent Thanksgiving in Florida with George's son and family --and his daughter visited us on Dec. 21-22.   I was able to get all three of my sons here at the same time (which is not easy to do)...  We all gathered here on December 22 (for a big meal at a local restaurant  plus time for fun and fellowship here at our home). As I've said many times,  having all 3 sons here at the same time is such JOY for this Mama.

Today --as I begin to catch up with some of the things which have happened in our lives the past month or so,  I will share with you some pictures of our FAMILY CHRISTMAS on December 22.

At the Dinner table at Legend's Restaurant here in Fairfield Glade:  Mark, Robin, Bert

Continuing around the Dinner Table:  Bert,  Kelly,  George

One more spin around the Dinner Table:  Me (taking pictures),  Dawn, Jeff,  Mark

After a delicious meal,  we all headed back to our home for some fun together... Here I am opening up a gift for us from son Bert...  You can't tell from this picture,  but this is "Notty"---He's a Tree Sculpture named The Spirit of Nottingham"  --and he will hang on one of the big trees in our yard.  Below is a better picture of Notty.

Notty ---my Tree Sculpture!!!!!  He will protect our yard --and also be a GREAT conversation grabber.  Thanks, Bert.

Here are some new BIRDS to hang on the outdoor Christmas Tree on our porch...  Thanks,  Jeff and Dawn!!!!

And from son, Mark and special gal, Robin:  a picture of the Autumn Snow we had.  Mark is becoming a great photographer,  and he KNEW I'd love this Snow Picture.  It proudly hangs in our office/computer room.  Thanks,  Mark and Robin. 

Kelly's gift to us:  A sculpture of The THREE KINGS.... Beautiful,  isn't it?  Thanks, Kelly.

A great picture of Mark and Robin

Another cute picture of Bert,  Robin and Mark

An Awesome picture of Dawn and Jeff

I LOVE these people!!!   (Kelly left early --so she missed the family pictures.)

A very HAPPY Mom with her sons!!!!!!  (I raised some cuties,  didn't I????)

AND --my favorite picture!!!!!!  MY THREE SONS:   Jeff (48),  Bert--called Tre by many (56),  and Mark (49--will be 50 on Jan. 15);  My Babies are all 'growed up'.... How can that be? ha
Sorry for the over-load of pic's... Just couldn't help myself....  Hope you all had as good a Christmas as we did!!!!!