Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE!!!! Enjoy a group of one of my favorite Day Lilies in our yard. Meet "INDIAN GIVER".

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn Decorations

Many of you have featured some gorgeous Fall Decorations in and around your homes. SO--thought I would share ours with you. I truly don't decorate much ---but, as I told someone recently, we don't use a Halloween-only theme ---but choose to decorate with more of a Harvest theme (since we leave our decorations up until after Thanksgiving).

I will show you the inside decorations today --and the outside ones at another time. Above is our front door decoration... WELCOME to our home!!!! Below are more.

Here is a picture of our coffee table, decorated with leaves, pumpkins and candles.

We may not have any pets now, but we do have babies. Meet Penny and Patrick, our twin pumpkins... They are so well-behaved --and do a great job of protecting the fireplace during the Autumn season.

Here is one of the cute little linen placemats we have on our dining room table.

This is my quilted centerpiece on the dining room table. It can be used as a wall-hanging also--but I prefer to use it on the table.

Meet Mr. Gobble.... We 'caught' him last year while we were spending Thanksgiving in Kingsport, TN with good friend, Reida. Of course we had to have him stuffed. (Tee Hee) Mr. Gobble is definitely dressed for dinner ---and loves to sit on the quilted centerpiece on our dining room table.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our 'inside' decorations. We are still enjoying some gorgeous Autumn weather. We do, however, need some RAIN... But --there is none in sight. I guess we'll have to pull the hoses out again this week.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.