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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Fabulous Mother's Day for me ---May 9, 2021

Dear Blog Friends,   See these two wonderful people above?  Robin and Mark again gave me the most wonderful Mother's Day a Mom could ever have!!!!!  This year was no exception...  They had asked what I wanted to do --and I said that I wanted a Jeep Ride and a Picnic somewhere.... AND--that is what I got!!!!  And Better Still:  after lots of very cool and wet weather,   Mother's Day this year was beautiful with temperatures in the 70's.  Just PERFECT.

They took us (George and me) to a place we had never ever been. Mark and Robin love to go on all of the backroads in their shiny Red Jeep --and this is just one of the areas they visited not long ago... WOW---how extremely gorgeous,  way back in the mountains/woods...

We went to the Citico Creek Wilderness area in the Cherokee National Forest.  The closest town is Vonore, TN ---but you may know that area for being not far from the Cherohala Skyway (between Tellico Plains, TN and Robbinsville,  NC).   As we followed the Citico Creek up up up the mountains,  we saw many rustic camping sites along the way...  I truly felt like I was in PARADISE,  and I told the family that this wilderness area reminded me of the nearby Smoky Mountains --back many years ago when the Smokies were less crowded --with fewer people around and no traffic problems....

We found a great campsite for our picnic time.  As you can tell,  the road was in pretty good shape most of the time.  AND---getting to ride in the JEEP was such JOY to me..... The wilderness just smelled so good --with early spring flowers and trees blossoming all around us.

We walked down the road a bit to get a good picture of the little creek next to our campsite...  As George and I walked down,  Mark and Robin headed to the Creek to PLAY... You can actually see them since Mark's RED shirt was visible to us.

This was our campsite all set-up for us....Mark, Robin and oldest son, Bert (Seated),  are just as happy as we were to be in such a gorgeous setting.

My favorite picture from the trip:   Mom --in the hammock--enjoying the company of 2 of my 3 sons on Mother's Day.... Talk about relaxing!!!!!  Close you eyes and imagine being in a hammock with the sounds of the water nearby --and the birds singing above us..... "Heaven on Earth" for me!

George took his turn in one of the hammocks also....  Oh how I love that man!!!!



Mark enjoying the day ---with Robin by his side.... Both Robin and Bert took their time in the hammocks also that day....

Beautiful little wildflowers to enhance our wonderful day!

Of course,  we also had a 'feast' for lunch.... Mark/Robin grilled us Burgers and Brats --with all of the trimmings,  and some fresh fruit and veggies....  YUMMMMMMY in my tummy!!!!

My sons are 'silly' like their Mama!!!!!   I love this picture of Mark and Bert.

Then while some of us slept, talked and/or walked around the area to get pictures,  these two 'sillies' decided to test out the COLD COLD COLD creek water...... Poor Robin is so short that she had to be very careful where she stepped in that creek.... 

I wonder what Mark was pointing to...???????  I'll bet he was telling Robin to go over there and check out what could be living UNDER that big rock!!!!!  (I think that is when Robin decided it was time to get OUT of the water... ha ha ha)

And walking is what I did....   I'll let the 'kids' play in the water... I will just take my little iPhone and get some more pictures!!!!!!!

 Thank You so much,  Bert, Robin and Mark,  for making my MOTHER'S DAY so very very special!!!!!   I am ready to go to Citico again ANYTIME --as long as I can ride in the Shiny Red Jeep!!!!!!!!  ha ha ha

Hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy.   I have many friends who are struggling with all kinds of health issues --so today,  I remember them with my prayers and love.

I am doing quite well right now (Knock on Wood) ---so I hope I can say that for many months/years to come!!!!!  

Hugs to ALL,