Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE!!!! Enjoy a group of one of my favorite Day Lilies in our yard. Meet "INDIAN GIVER".

Monday, March 30, 2015

Lots and Lots of DAFFODILS in our Yard

1. The First Daffodils we ever planted... George's Daddy gave us these little guys so we've always called them the Dad Adams Daffodils.  They are very special to us.
Well---March is almost over.   Hard to believe that time is flying by!!!!!  The good news for us is that,  after a frigid weekend (with FREEZE WARNINGS and temperatures dipping down into the low 20's) both Friday and Saturday nights,  our yard seemed to make it through the freeze without much damage.  The worst hit were our Hyacinths --but the Daffodils and Pansies seem to be okay.  We covered some of our new growth (including roses)  --so hopefully,  all of them will be fine... AND--we are hoping that this will be the last of our killer freezes this Spring.

Today I want to show you all of the many different types and colors of DAFFODILS we have in our yard.  I grew up calling them JONQUILS  (my mother called them that),  but I've also heard others call them BUTTERCUPS... Whatever you call them,  they are so pretty.  Many states plant them along the interstate highways --and they will spread and are so gorgeous...

When I ask most people their favorite Daffodil,  most will say the 'normal' total yellow ones... I agree---but there are also some other beauties.  SO---today,  look at all of these and see if you can pick a favorite (other than the 'normal' ones)....  I have two favorites which are both exquisite.  One is the white one with a red trumpet (No. 13) --and the other is the total white one (No. 14).  BUT---some of the ruffly/frilly ones are neat also...

NOTE:  We used to know all of the specific 'names' of our daffodils --but the last couple of years,  we have added more and bought them in collections.  With a collection,  one never knows what he/she is getting... SO---we decided just to enjoy them and not worry about their names.   Sit back,  get a cup of coffee or hot tea and enjoy our Daffodils!!!! Most all of these were taken around 3/26/15.  (Click on them for enlargements.)

2. Yellow Petals/Yellow Frilly Trumpet  

3. Yellow/Yellow Daffodil with the Pointed Petals

4. Some smaller Quail Daffodils we got a year ago;  They will bloom and bloom!

5. Another yellow Daffodil --but with an orange trumpet

6. A beautiful Daffodil (love the 'frilly' orange and yellow trumpet)... This one turns more and more YELLOW as it ages, and ends up being totally yellow.

7.  Now to more of the ones with White Petals:  White Petals with a bright orange trumpet;  Another gorgeous Daffodil!

8.   This one has a neat frilly yellow/orange trumpet which spreads out through the entire Daffodil.   (Picture taken by George)

9.  And if you like more of a pastel look,  this one has white petals and a soft and frilly apricot-colored trumpet.

10.  Here's a group showing off their white petals and pale yellow, long trumpets.

11.  Here's another one with white petals and a yellow trumpet.  BUT--unlike the one above, the trumpet on these is opened and flatter.  See the differences?

12.  Here's a very interesting Daffodil with the white petals growing all around the orange/yellow trumpet.... 

13.  White petals/Red bordered trumpet  (Definitely a favorite of mine!)

14.  Love this one too;  It is a solid white --although the sun causes the trumpet to look like a very pale yellow... What a gorgeous Daffodil!!!!
Well---you get the idea!!!!  There are MANY different Daffodils --just like there are when talking about most flowers... Some of them are similar --but if you look at them closely,  there are usually distinct differences.

We have more Daffodils to bloom in our yard ---so depending upon what they are,  I may have some new ones to show later... Hope you enjoyed seeing this group today.  Now it's your turn.  PICK a FAVORITE.. I even numbered them for you --so that you could choose easily!!!!!!  Let's see which one comes out the winner today!!!!!

Have a blessed HOLY WEEK---leading up to EASTER this coming Sunday!  Enjoy SPRING and the beautiful flowers.  Thanks be to God.