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Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh that Gorgeous Grand Canyon

Out of all of the posts I have done on our 3 week trip out west this past June (this will be the 22nd post),  I realized that I haven't done any posts on the Grand Canyon  (other than the sunset ones).  AND--the Grand Canyon was one of the main reasons we took that long trip...

SO---today I will share a group of photos taken on June 14,  our FIRST views of this amazing place.  We entered the canyon from the East Entrance ---and stopped at the Desert View area for our first views....

These first views were the ones we remember the most.... Hope you enjoy these photos --taken on the eastern end of the Grand Canyon.   Click on the photos to enlarge.

You can see the Colorado River below.  I love seeing all of the colors in the canyon.

This is the Grand Canyon Desert View Watchtower.

Isn't this just awesome????   PLEASE make a trip to the Grand Canyon at least once in your lifetime...  (But--don't go in the hot and very CROWDED summer like we did!!!)

I don't think one can EVER take a bad picture here.  The colors are amazing!

We want to go back to the Grand Canyon ---and visit the north rim... We also want to come back to the south rim in a different season!!!  Another word of advice:  Stay in the canyon.  We stayed off-site --and even though they have a shuttle,  it wasn't as nice as staying in the 'village'.....

Here are two happy people who are so glad to be here!!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and please stay WARM.  A cold front is coming --and our low on Saturday night is going to be 34... Yipes!!!!   I will see you on Monday.