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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From the Archives: Winter Birds

Today I will share with you another set of photos from my archives.  These are some of my favorite winter bird photos --which I have taken through the years...  Above is always a winter favorite,  a male NORTHERN CARDINAL.

Above is a year-round bird in our yard who ONLY visits the feeders during a very cold and/or snowy time... I love this photo of the AMERICAN ROBIN since he looks almost regal!!!!!

And,  here's a favorite bird --who comes to the feeders all year long,  but really enjoys the 'heated' bird bath in the cold winter... This beauty is an EASTERN BLUEBIRD.  (The other little bird in the picture is a GOLDFINCH.

Here's another favorite bird,  one of our MOURNING DOVES---just sitting on that cold snow...  They say that Doves are not the smartest of birds --but sitting on the cold snow has to be hard on the 'underside',  don't you think???? ha

Here's another good picture of our NORTHERN CARDINAL in winter.  The red really is pretty beside that white snow...

I absolutely adore this photo of a CAROLINA WREN.  He is sitting on a Rhododendron blossom.  The ice on his face and eyebrows makes him look like a  Grandfather Wren.... ha ha

Here's another cute little bird who only visits us during a snowstorm... This is the little DARK-EYED JUNCO... Isn't he a cute little guy?

Finally,  here is another of my favorite EASTER BLUEBIRD winter photos. Bless her heart.  She looks so COLD.  I love seeing how the birds get puffy --trying to stay warm...

I'm not sure that the winter of 2012-13 will provide us with enough snow in order for me to get some good WINTER BIRD photos.   SO---I'll just continue to enjoy my archived photos...

Have a great day.  I'll be 'out-of-pocket' for a few days --and won't be doing much blogging.  However,  I will post a blog on Friday... Just won't get to do much visiting... VERY BUSY hopefully having some FUN!!!!