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Monday, August 10, 2020

Highlights of a Fantastic Birthday Trip

This was the view from our room at the Peaks of Otter (August 2, 2020)... This is ABBOTT LAKE.  One of our favorite things to do at the 'Peaks'  is to take a walk around the lake (only one mile).   We managed to take that walk a couple of times each day... It is such a gorgeous place --and SO relaxing.

My Sweetheart (who makes my life so fulfilling and rich) is the most amazing man I have ever known.  God has blessed me so much with George in my life.  We were walking around the beautiful grounds at the Peaks of Otter when I snapped this picture of my Cutie Pie (August 2, 2020).   

I took this picture of the Peaks of Otter Lodge (August 2, 2020) --when we were walking on the other side of the lake.  Isn't this a beautiful place?   I absolutely love visiting there.. Look at those reflections!!! 

This year,  we got a different room (Laurel 114) at Skyland Resort ---and had the most awesome view of the SUNSET.   I took this picture on August 4, 2020--from our balcony.  WOW!!!

On my BIRTHDAY,  August 5,  George took this picture of me inside the cave at the LURAY CAVERNS....  I was SO excited and happy!

On August 6, 2020--- we drove around in the GORGEOUS SHENANDOAH VALLEY.  We found a place to park and actually walked around awhile...  I feel like I'm in heaven when I'm in the Shenandoahs!!!!

Also on August 6th,  we visited the SHENANDOAH RIVER STATE PARK.  There are seven bends of this amazing river --so at this overlook,  we could see one of the bends.  It made me want to SING,  "O Shenandoah"....   I'll bet you are singing that song right now!!!!!

 Have you EVER seen THIS on your Birthday?????   WELL---thanks to George,  we got up early on August 5th ---and drove to a nearby overlook off of Skyline Drive just to see this.....Talk about amazing!!!!!!   The sun came up on that morning,  and I felt as if it was telling me 'Happy Birthday'!!!!

I think I will stop here with this post,  but just had to give you a short preview of what we did this past week....  Thanks to many of you (on Facebook especially) who followed me all week during that trip and who wished me a Happy Birthday...  That meant so much to me!!!