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Monday, March 15, 2010

Along Little River Road in the Smokies

I am going to make you dizzy as I travel between trips --posting pictures for you. Yesterday, I posted some waterfall and water pictures from Arkansas (click HERE). Today I'm showing you some waterfall and water pictures from the Smokies here in Tennessee.

We took the 'long' way on March 8 when we left to go to the Serenity Falls cabin. We drove through Townsend --and followed the Little River Road into Gatlinburg. Of course, we had to stop at some of our favorite places along the way to get more pictures..

SO---today's post features our favorite waterfalls and water pictures along the Little River Road. Above is the lower part of Whiteoak Flat Branch Falls. This is a neat waterfall since you can hike up the creek from the road, and find a couple of more cascades up there. Below are more of our fav's.

In yesterday's post, I talked about the beautiful colored water and rocks in Arkansas. WELL---Tennessee has its share of pretty water and rocks also. The water was unusually clear the day we were there.

This is one half of the Cane Creek Twin Falls. I liked this picture again because of the beautiful greenish water.

Here's one of the many, many small waterfalls and cascades found in the Little River along our route.

This is one of the most popular waterfalls which can be seen from the Little River Road. This one is called Meigs Falls. It's much prettier in winter (since there aren't so many trees obstructing it) and when there is alot of water (like now). Isn't it pretty? There is an Upper Meigs Falls ---which we tried to find once but didn't find it. We hope to go back sometime, but it's quite a hike!

Here's another good picture showing the water and rocks in the Little River. Kayaking and Tubing are popular in this river during Summer.

Here's another of our favorite waterfalls, Mannis Branch Falls. I probably passed this waterfall 200 times in my life without seeing it (since it's back from the road with trees and foliage hiding it). We found it listed online (NOT in a waterfall book) ---and since finding it, we stop here almost every time we are in the area. In Spring, this is a butterfly area ---where lots of butterflies gather. Hopefully, we can go back this Spring and I can get some pictures of some of the butterflies.

Here is one final picture of the beautiful Little River near Gatlinburg, TN. Can you tell that George and I are enjoying our new cameras????? ha

For those of you who are familiar with this area, I need to tell you that both the Cades Cove loop road and the Sinks parking area are CLOSED for renovations until late Spring we think. BUT---if you come to the Smokies, I definitely recommend taking the drive between Gatlinburg and Townsend along the Little River Road.