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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Mark and Robin's Wedding 10/23/21

Hello Blog Friends,  As you can see from the title,  there was an awesome wedding this past Saturday.  Son Mark and Robin got married!!!  The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  It was held at the Red Gate Farm in Friendsville, Tennessee for about 40 guests, beginning at 4 pm.  This Mama of the Groom was SO excited --and it was one of best weddings I've ever been to in every respect... 

Both Mark and Robin are in their 50's --- so they wanted to have a wedding made perfect by and for them.  I call it a "Mark-Robin Wedding" in every respect.  It was informal (so many of the guests even wore cowboy boots, including the bride)!!

The setting was awesome.  It truly was  a gorgeous farm setting on an amazing Fall Day.  And the flowers/decorations/picture/posters made the setting even more beautiful, using the theme throughout with a color scheme of oranges and teals. I loved the sunflowers!!!

I have tons of pictures including many of the beautiful Fall setting,  and at the reception following the ceremony. The reception was a fantastic BBQ Dinner with all of the trimmings...Following that was the dance.  Most of us 'oldies' left a little early --but the dance went on!!!!

Today I picked out just a few pictures to share.. Hope you enjoy them!!!  My Joy was seeing all of the love and happiness in these two 'kids'...May they have many more years of this special love including many adventures together--while sitting by the campfire and eating S'mores (especially when Mom is there).

Meet Mr. and Mrs.  Mark Wilhite - October 23, 2021

An example of all of the beautiful posters throughout the venue

The Mother of the Groom --excited to be heading to the wedding

Another view showing the perfect setting for a wedding; See the water??? SO peaceful!

Anticipation!!!  Waiting for that beautiful woman to come down the isle!!

There she comes being escorted by her two handsome sons,  Joey and Zach.

I wonder if Pastor Justice is asking Robin if she is sure of this???  ha ha

Mark and Robin ALWAYS find time to laugh!!!!   Wonder what she said????

Robin and Mark wrote their own vows

Mark had a hard time getting through his vows. He is emotional --like his Mom!!!

He put a ring on her finger!

She put a ring on his finger!

Introducing  Mr. and Mrs.  Mark Wilhite

Now you may KISS the BRIDE

They did it!!!!!! 

Later,  after dinner,  we had the Mom/Son dance!  Mom is crying again!!

The Bride's Cake

The Groom's Cake

Read the quote!!!  NO EXPLANATION needed!!! ha ha

Mark and his Brothers, Jeff and Bert.  Best Friends Forever!!!

Another love of Mark's life,  one of his adorable Granddaughters,  Vivian Lee

Hope you enjoyed the pictures... It was truly a marvelous wedding!  I dedicate this post to Mark and Robin... I love you both so very much!!!