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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter Weather 2010-11

Many of you know that I love studying and talking about the weather...I think I must have been a Weather Girl in another life!!!!!!   Anyhow,   my favorite way to study the weather is by the signs of nature...  People call this "Weather Lore"----but since I have followed the signs of nature for many years,  I have found that this is actually a better way of predicting the weather than the fancy ways the professionals try to do it!!!

I love the Farmers'  Almanac---and find it quite accurate (at least more accurate than other sources).   There is a lady (Melinda Hedgecoth) from Crab Orchard, TN who has predicted the weather in our area every year since her mother (Helen Lane) died.   Helen predicted our winter weather for years and years---and I remember reading Helen's predictions when I was in college (in the '60's).

This year,  due to nature's signs,  Melinda's headline in our newspaper said:  "Bundle Up! Winter Could Be a Humdinger!"   I laughed at my good friend Neal's comment on yesterday's blog when I asked:  "When is Spring?"   Neal knows me too well... He knows how much I LOVE SNOW.  I must admit that I do love snow ---and get excited when thinking about the possibilities...

Here is what nature showed us about this coming winter's weather:
-the wooly worms around here were black on both ends and brown in the middle;  That showed us that we will have cold weather at the beginning and ending of winter --with a warm spell in the middle;
-the wooly worms were seen this year earlier (June/July) than usual (Sept/Oct)--and that is  a sign of a cold winter
-six early-morning fogs in August  (1 heavy,  1 moderate, and 4 patchy);  This means 1 big snow,  1 moderate one,  and 4 'blue darters' which give no measurable accumulation.
-lots of spider webs grown at ground level --which means a hard winter;
-large mast crop (AMEN to that --since we picked up a zillion nuts/acorns in our yard);
-hornets' nests built near ground level denotes a harsh winter;
-a cold, hard winter always follows a VERY hot summer (which we definitely had);

So ---- will we have another cold and snowy winter here on the Cumberland Plateau????   IF we can believe the signs of nature,  YES  we will...  And yes, Neal!!!!   I am very happy about that!!!!!   "Let it SNOW!"  ----ha