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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rapids of Bull Sluice

Bull Sluice  (from the overlook on the South Carolina side of the river),  5/18/14
Bull Sluice (on the South Carolina/Georgia border near Highway 76) is a series of rapids along the Chattooga River.  Kayakers and others who enjoy rapids love this one --although it is considered very dangerous.  There have been at least 8 people who have lost their lives on this course.

George and I stopped here once before ---but we wanted to check it out again since we were traveling in that area.  We were there on May 18,  2014  on our way to the beach.  Today I'll share a few photos from Bull Sluice.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

We enjoyed watching the 'white-water-rafting' while there...

I love George's special 'fancy' water photos --with his special lens/tripod.... Looks like silk!!!

Here is George with his tripod doing his 'thing'.... I enjoy watching him work to get good water photos.

This is what I get to do when George is photographing water!!!!   (He knew I took a picture of him -so he took one of me too!!!!!)

This boat (group of 4) scared me --since the boat got turned around... See the next photo to see what happened...

OOPS.... Only one person left in the boat!!!!  YIPES... Three fell out!!!!!  (The good news is that, luckily,  they were all fine!!!)  Kinda scary to watch though.

Here's one more photo showing what the area looks like ---as those boats have to manipulate around the rocks in the raging water.

Finally,  here's one more 'fancy' photo by George of those rapids.... The best water photos one can get is in raging water like this.  George was in 7th heaven on this day!!!!
Hope you are having a good Wednesday.  I will see you on Friday!!!!