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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Happened on August 5, 1992???

Recently, I blogged about turning 16 (in 1957). SO---let's fast-forward about 35 years!!! In 1992, I turned FIFTY... At that time I lived in Clear Lake, TX (south of Houston) and worked as the Director of Christian Education at Clear Lake United Methodist Church. Several of my 'good' ???? friends down there got in my office AHEAD of TIME---and decorated every inch of it!!!! I found evidence of this 'over the hill' birthday for months AFTER the actual birthday... Thanks to my wonderful friends (you know who you are) for making that birthday so memorable. The picture above is me with the cake they gave me. Below are two more pictures of the 'celebration.' Aren't my friends just SO nice?????? !!!!!! ha ha

This is what I found when I opened my office door that 'special' morning. It was a HUGE surprise since I had no idea they had been working on this... To tell you the truth, since I'm a 'nosy-rosy' person---I'm shocked that they pulled this off without me knowing about it!

From inside my office ---- there I am --looking through ALL of the 'stuff' searching for my desk! They decorated every inch of that office --and it truly took me WEEKS to get it all cleaned up. Don't I have such incredible friends???????!!!!!!! ha ha... Can't believe this happened 16 1/2 years ago... Mercy Me!!

The bottom line: I wouldn't go back to either age 16 or age 50 again.. Once I met George, my 'real' life began (2001). Now--let's just pray that both of us live long, healthy lives!!!!