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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More from the Smokies 10/11

Hope you saw my photos from our latest trip to the Smokies... If you missed it,  scroll down to the labels on my sidebar and click on Fall 2011.  We went to the Smokies on Friday,  Oct. 14,  and the colors were marvelous once you got up to the mid and upper levels of the mountains...  There are just some times in our lives when we go some place at the correct time... WELL---that was it for us that day.... The colors truly would just take one's breath away.

Here are more pictures taken that day from the Smokies... Above is another photo showing the sun as it pops through the clouds on that early morning.... I love seeing the rays as they shine down in the valley and mountains...  The largest mountain in the photo is Mt. LeConte... The picture was taken from the bypass around Gatlinburg. You can see a little bit of Gatlinburg below in the photo.   (Click for larger photos.)

This is another shot of the beautiful waters found in the Smokies.... Actually,  George found this new little waterfall that day ---as he hiked down to the creek on the Chimneys Hiking Trail...  Isn't this a gorgeous little area?   They built a bridge across the creek here for the hikers...

This shows more of the gorgeous colors along the road that day..  They were truly breath-taking!!!!!

Here is George at one of the overlooks between Newfound Gap and Cherokee.   Except for the cold and HIGH winds,  we could have stayed there for hours --admiring this beauty.

This shows you what a gorgeous day we had...  Aren't the colors ---both up close and at a distance---just beautiful?

There is nothing like being in the mountains on on gorgeous day---especially in Fall when the trees are showing off their Fall colors!!!!

George took this picture of me ---with the sticking-up hair on a very windy day!!!!!  Can you tell how much I loved being there????  It was too windy to get the tripod out --but that would have been a wonderful background for our picture together.

Finally,  here's one more... All of our pictures were taken from different overlooks ---so this will give you another picture showing the beauty in the Smokies...

Hope you live somewhere where the colors are marvelous in Fall....  I read that our winter this year may be very wet and very MILD.   Obviously,  that thrills George since he hates snow...   I myself like snow (as I'm sure you know!!! ha)---so am still hoping for a little bit!!!!!   I 'figured' that the winter may be mild here since our mast crop (nuts) is quite small this year,  compared to recent years..  That is a 'sign' they say!!!!!!  Well---good comes out of bad you know... George perked up and said: "We'll be able to hike more in the winter this year and see more WATERFALLS".... ha ha

Have a wonderful day!!!