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Monday, September 15, 2014

Autumn Colors and Wildflowers in the Smokies 9/5/14

When George and I were on our long Day Trip through the Smoky Mountains on Friday,  Sept. 5,  we saw so many beautiful wildflowers and Fall colors along our way.   I can tell you the name of many of the flowers in our yard--but I cannot tell you the name of all of the Wildflowers.  SO---if you know them,  leave a comment and everyone can read the comments when looking for a specific name.  In the meantime though,  just enjoy the beautiful colors.

The picture of me above was taken near an overlook not far into North Carolina from the top of the mountain at Newfound Gap (Highway 441) between Gatlinburg and Cherokee. These big patches of WHITE flowers were so pretty,  don't you think?  On Facebook when I posted this photo,  I said that there was a THORN in the middle of the beauty!!!!! ha ha .... Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

Some Signs of FALL

Some kind of Coneflowers maybe

Goldenrod ---I think!!

Not really a flower ---but I just have to include a FERN for you --since I do that most every time we hike.  You can see that it had rained when I got this photo... The ferns loved the rain!

The Dogwoods are one of the first leaves to change colors --but they haven't turned yet here in Fairfield Glade (like they have in the Smokies in this photo.)

I don't know what the green leaves are with the red stripe --but I like them!!!

George even enjoyed playing in the wildflowers!!!

Loved the combination of colors here

We saw some interesting skies in the mountains that day--but I think the flowers added some pretty colors to those mountains, don't you?

Love the little yellow buttercup-looking flowers --and of course,  we all know what a Thistle looks like.

Looks like daisies

Love the little bluish/purplish flowers and of course,  that gorgeous blue/black BUTTERFLY

That bee likes those little yellow flowers as much as I do!!!!

Another beautiful Fall picture --showing some colorful leaves
Well---weren't these flowers/colors pretty????  I never appreciated wildflowers years ago --until I got interested in photography... I've also learned from many of you how to appreciate so many more things in nature--but I still don't know the names of most of these wildflowers.  I hope you can help us identify some of these little gorgeous beauties!