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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From Maggie Valley

Be sure to read yesterday's blog---in order to understand this one!!!!

I do have a signal here at the cabin---so I will get to post a blog when there's time. Of course, with all of the yakking and talking the four of us have done today, that doesn't leave much time for blogging!!!!! I also have to iChat with my hubby ---to make sure he's behaving himself!!!! ha

The cabin is nice ---and other than smoking up the house by not having the flue open when we lit a fire in the fireplace, things are GREAT. I got here first --so took a few pictures to share today. Above is our view from the deck at the cabin. We are 4000 feet UP, and the road up is rugged. Below are some of the inside of the cabin.

This is looking toward the living room/dining area. The fireplace is to the left, and the deck wraps around the cabin.

This is looking up toward the loft area. That area upstairs is my room. I have a king bed in the bedroom, private bath and sitting room area up there. Pretty NICE... There are two bedrooms downstairs --which the other three are using.

This is from the living room --looking toward the kitchen. We had a delicious dinner tonight of pork chops on the grill, baked apples, sweet potatoes, peas, rolls and cake.

This is our screened in porch ---where I'm sure we will sit and enjoy each other this week.

Maggie Valley is a gorgeous area --and our cabin is nice. As I said previously, the only thing we don't care for is the steep and rugged road up here. All of us said that we may stay here forever and never leave. Ha Ha.... (My honey would have to move in here too though!!!)

Have a great Wednesday.